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Back to school means summer is over and your kids are once again working hard in the classroom. The busy schedules, hours of homework and exposure to new germs all can take their toll on children of all ages. A balanced diet, adequate sleep and products that promote healthy immune systems can keep your kids in peak health and even improve their performance in the classroom and on the playground. Here are 10 back-to-school health products to stock up on before your kids head to class.

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2Kelo-cote Kids Spray Advanced Formula Scar Therapy

Kelo-cote Kids Spray Advanced Formula Scar Therapy

Rarely do children get through a day without some type of bump, scrape or cut. Kelo-cote Kids Spray is a gentle, non-stinging formulation that can help fade the scars and memory of childhood "owwies" by binding to the outer layer of skin, forming a protective barrier over the scar. It also helps reduce pain and itch, and improves the cosmetic appearance of the scar. The dermatologist-approved silicon gel formulation is particularly effective for new cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, stitches and injuries, but it can be applied to older scars that have lingered. Since Kelo-cote comes in a touch-free spray, application is easy and pain-free.

Price: $48 for 1.1-ounce spray

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