What's Hot,
What's Not

The hottest trends in exercise and fitness include full-body workouts that are equally effective and fun, a fabulous fitness wardrobe and functional workout gear. Find out what's hot and what's not in exercise and fitness!

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What's Hot, What's Not in exercise and fitness
What's Hot, What's Not in exercise and fitness Visit our sponsor

Hot: Cute and trendy Goga pants from Old Navy
Not: Wearing your ex-boyfriend's old, ratty, way-too-big-for-you sweatpants

We love stores like Old Navy because the prices are so affordable, but we love them even more because the clothes are stylish and look like you paid a pretty penny. The super fun and colorful Goga pants will bring a little flavor to your after-work workout. And, at only $15 each (for a limited time only), you can buy a different one for every day of the week — gym or no gym!

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