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Pump up your workouts with fitness-specific playlists - from heart racing songs to up your cardio to meditative sounds to put you in the yoga zone. Here are 10 fitness playlists to keep your workouts fresh.

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Cardio mix playlist

A variety of upbeat music to keep your workout fresh â€" follow the beats for a mixed pace 50-minute workout. Low â€" Flo Rida
Hey Ya! â€" Outcast
Let's Get it Started â€" Black Eyed Peas
Hey Baby â€" No Doubt
Don't Stop the Music â€" Power Music Workout
What Are You Waiting For â€" Gwen Stefani
Stronger (Workout Mix) â€" Power Music Workout
Never Enough â€" Papa Roach
Barbie Girl â€" Aqua
Never Gonna Stop â€" Rob Zombie
Fergalicious â€" Fergie
Hollaback Girl â€" Gwen Stefani

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