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For Sweating

Pump up your workouts with fitness-specific playlists - from heart racing songs to up your cardio to meditative sounds to put you in the yoga zone. Here are 10 fitness playlists to keep your workouts fresh.

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Boxing playlist

Music to make you punch, these songs get in your head and turn even the most mild-mannered lady into a fist throwing killer. Here is a 35-minute run of music for getting out your aggressions. Lose Yourself â€" Eminem
Epic â€" Faith No More
Pump It â€" Black Eyed Peas
Rollin' â€" Limp Bizkit
Til I Collapse â€" Eminem
Bawtidaba â€" Kid Rock
Coming Undone â€" Korn
Out of My Way - Seether

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