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Pump up your workouts with fitness-specific playlists - from heart racing songs to up your cardio to meditative sounds to put you in the yoga zone. Here are 10 fitness playlists to keep your workouts fresh.

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Running playlist

RunningIsn't running far more enjoyable when you have music to step up your stride? This 35-minute playlist of songs will have you soaring down the road or racking up the treadmill miles â€" it will also get you pumped for just over a half-hour of elliptical work. One, Two Step â€" Power Music Workout
Heroes (Workout Remix) â€" U-Traxx
Wild Boys (Workout Remix) â€" Interface
Nothing Compares to You (Workout Remix) â€" Asya
Harder to Breathe â€" Maroon 5
Helicopter â€" Bloc Party
Lust for Life â€" Iggy Pop
Born to Run â€" Boss Man
Mr Brightside â€" The Killers

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