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Pump up your workouts with fitness-specific playlists - from heart racing songs to up your cardio to meditative sounds to put you in the yoga zone. Here are 10 fitness playlists to keep your workouts fresh.

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Spinning playlist

SpinningGet your legs spinning with these tunes for a workout that has you alternating between fast-paced racing and out of your saddle hill climbs. If you are looking for a killer ride, download these songs from iTunes for 50 minutes of sweat. Livin' on a Prayer â€" Jordan James
Someone (Furious F Radio Edit) â€" DHT & Edmee
Everytime We Touch â€" Cascada
Push It (Hard Club Edit) â€" Delorean
What Hurts the Most â€" Cascada
Shut Up and Let Me Go â€" The Ting Tings
Come…(Into My Dream) â€" Foggy
Le Marche de la Lune â€" Outfly
Just a Girl â€" Ian Van Dahl
Blood is Pumping â€" Voodoo & Serano
Palladio (Radio Edit) â€" Silent Nick
Come Undoneâ€" Duran Duran

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