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The hottest trends in fitness include effective - but fun - full-body workouts, stylish workout wear and functional fitness gear. Here's the skinny - with a little added humor.

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What's Hot and What's Not
What's Hot/What's Not in Fitness

What's HOT: Getting a killer full-body workout swinging a kettlebell.

What's NOT: Getting "Killer" as a nickname after using your kettlebell for a full-body assault on your boyfriend's ex.

The nation's premier kettlebell expert Sarah Lurie says for full-body functional training, kettlebells can't be beat. "Each exercise is dynamic and ballistic and taxes most major muscle groups, plus you get the added benefit of strength training plus cardio training." Best yet, kettlebells deliver fast results – and they make every kick-butt workout fun. (Take your aggressions out at the gym and use kettlebells as fitness tools – not deadly weapons.)

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