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The hottest trends in fitness include effective - but fun - full-body workouts, stylish workout wear and functional fitness gear. Here's the skinny - with a little added humor.

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What's Hot and What's Not
What's Hot/What's Not in Fitness

What's HOT: Wearing multi-functional workout wear that doubles as streetwear.

What's NOT: Refusing to discard – and continuing to wear – those ratty, unflattering baggy sweatpants and T-shirts.

Stacy Berman, founder of Stacy's Boot Camp in NYC, says "Good looking clothing that goes from the street to the gym is [in]! Another aspect is fitness clothing that's dynamic. Sweat pants just don't cut it anymore." For example, comfortable and functional enough for yoga class but stylish – and sexy enough – for a post-class trip to the mall or a lunch date, Zobha's yoga and Pilates wear is well-fitted, lightweight and physique-flattering. It allows you all the movement and support you need for class while also allowing you to hit the streets looking hot.

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