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The hottest trends in fitness include effective - but fun - full-body workouts, stylish workout wear and functional fitness gear. Here's the skinny - with a little added humor.

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What's Hot and What's Not
What's Hot/What's Not in Fitness

What's HOT: Getting your heart rate up from your daily cardio session.

What's NOT: Getting your heart rate up from your daily fight with your boyfriend.

Outdoor workouts are all the rage with more and more people stepping out of the gym for real-world fitness – and keeping track of their progress. Tech4o's line of performance products deliver so much more than simple time and heart rate. Strap on a sport watch and track your heart rate, miles, speed, distance, calories and steps. From the hard-core marathoner to the leisure hiker, high-tech watches make every workout more meaningful – and more meaningful means you are more likely to stick with your workouts.

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