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The hottest trends in fitness include effective - but fun - full-body workouts, stylish workout wear and functional fitness gear. Here's the skinny - with a little added humor.

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What's Hot and What's Not
What's Hot/What's Not in Fitness

What's HOT: Getting and staying fit with functional fitness.

What's NOT: Overusing and abusing exercise – also known as dysfunctional fitness.

NYC-based Peak Performance trainer Lauren "L Boogie" Goldberg says, "Integrated movements and core work are in – think multi-tasking exercises such as walking lunges with lateral raises [or squats with overhead presses] – while single body part training is out." Goldberg also touts bungees and resistance bands, balance boards and medicine balls as well as untraditional equipment like mini trampolines, weighted vests, body bars and plyometric jump boxes. (As for dysfunctional fitness, stop abusing your body and get to the real root of your problem.)

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