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Protect Yourself
From Being Attacked

Women are often the targets of sexual predators. Learning how to protect yourself helps you avoid being the victim of assault. Having basic knowledge of self-defense not only empowers you as a woman, but it could save your life one day.

Have you ever thought about how you would protect yourself if you were attacked? The statistics are pretty alarming. Every year, there are on average 207,754 cases of rape or sexual assault, with a woman being raped approximately every two minutes. Thinking that sexual assault only happens to someone else is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Instead, have a plan and mentally prepare for an attack. Knowing some basic self-defense moves could make all the difference.

Prevent yourself from being a victim

One of the best things you can do is prevent yourself from becoming a victim of sexual assault. Preventing the attack from occurring in the first place is the best self-defense you can have. There are some key things you can do for prevention.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions like your iPod or talking on your cell phone while in public places. Park and walk in well-lit areas and be aware of who is around you.
  • Make eye contact with strangers. Making eye contact with potential predators makes you a less desirable victim. When you make eye contact, you show a potential attacker that you know who they are and could identify them in a line-up.
  • Be safe with your car. Don't unlock your vehicle from across the parking lot, and don't sit in your car after getting in. Instead, lock your doors and drive off immediately.

What to do if you can't prevent an attack

If you find yourself being attacked, immediately get loud, and be assertive. Push back against your attacker and tell them to "back off." This immediately tells them you will not be an easy victim. Put as much space between you and your attacker as you can. When push comes to shove, know your attacker's weakness and aim for specific targets.

  • Eyes: Scratch, claw or gouge at your attacker's eyes. This will not only inflict pain, but may also temporarily alter their vision, allowing you to get away.
  • Nose: Using the heel of your palm, drive your hand upwards against the bottom of their nose. If they are behind you, use your elbow, throwing your weight into it.
  • Neck: The neck is extremely vulnerable due to the presence of major blood vessels.
  • Knee: The knee is vulnerable from every angle, and a well-aimed kick can inflict substantial damage.
  • Groin: The groin is a sensitive area and a great target for a kick or elbow.

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