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The most crucial component of exercise is the development of your core. Your core is responsible for absolutely everything you do, including your posture. The stronger your core, the more stable the upper and lower torso, which means the stronger your entire body.


If you are willing to invest in a TRX Suspension Trainer, I'll show you just a few of the moves that you can do almost anywhere. You'll do each exercise for three minutes.

What you need

  • The beauty of the suspension trainer is you can set it up anywhere, anytime, and get a fantastic workout in a short time. For optimal use, find a workout area measuring 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. Also, be sure you're on a flat, non-slip surface.
  • When setting up outdoors, it’s best to have a fitness mat directly underneath the anchor point. Finding an overhead anchor point that's 7 to 8 feet off the ground and strong enough to support your body weight is imperative.

TRX set up


Roll up

Roll up exercise |

  • Targets: Core and legs
  • Position: Facing anchor point
  • Length: Long length

Lie on the ground with your legs positioned at 90 degrees. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears, take a few deep breaths as you check your alignment and tune into your body. Take a deep breath and start using your abdominals as you exhale out to roll up with a slight hold. Inhale back down with control as you keep your chin away from your chest.


Pilates jackknife

Pilates jack knife exercise |

  • Targets: Core, legs and back
  • Position: Facing anchor point
  • Length: Long length

Lie on your back with your hands in the foot cradles, palms down. Imprint your spine onto the mat as you extend your legs, with feet toward the ceiling. Slowly roll your legs over your head, keeping your toes pointed. Inhale, pausing briefly. Keeping your core engaged, slowly roll up, keeping the legs straight, into a seated “V” position as you exhale.


Single-leg pulses and single-leg swings

Single leg pulses and single leg swings exercise |

  • Targets: Core and legs
  • Position: Standing facing the anchor point
  • Length: Mid-length

Extend arms forward, gripping the handles, to a flat back position. Raise one leg at a time with pointed toe, going into small and quick pulses. Pulse each leg for 30 seconds, alternating legs, for three minutes.

Maintaining the flat back position, sweep one leg from the ground upward, into perfect alignment with the spine. Keep a continuous swing for a full 30 seconds, alternating legs, up to three minutes.


Swan extension

Swan Extension exercise |

  • Targets: Core, lower back and chest
  • Position: Facing away from anchor point
  • Length: Long length

Lying on the ground with your head directly underneath the anchor point, grip the handles with your palms down and your legs straight back behind you, toes pointed. Keeping your core tight and arms straight out in front of you, press down and out as you raise your chest off the ground and inhale. Slowly draw the hands back together in front and exhale.


Standing core lean

Standing Core Lean exercise |

  • Targets: Core and arms
  • Position: Facing away from anchor point
  • Length: Mid-length

Lightly gripping the handles, with arms at shoulder level directly out in front of you, slowly lean the entire body forward, raising the arms upward; inhale. Briefly pause and return the arms back down to shoulder level as you exhale. To advance this move as you are leaning out during the pause, perform quick and short pulses out to the side with your hands.

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