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All the Alcoholic Drinks You Can Have While on the Paleo Diet

OK, let’s address the elephant in the room: The paleo diet doesn’t really endorse any alcohol. Of course, it’s your body and you get to choose what you want to put in it. As with every diet, some semblance of balance and compromise is necessary.

If alcohol is a real point of pleasure for you, there are paleo-friendly drinks that promise not to totally wreck your week or get you kicked out of paleo club. Most of them follow the principles of paleo itself: limited ingredients, avoiding added processed sugar and keeping things as natural as possible.

The good news is that wine and liquor are on the list. The bad news is that pretty much everyone agrees that beer is totally off the table as a paleo-friendly indulgence. But there are plenty of other options that even purists would find tempting. Here’s the down-low on what you need to know when it comes to paleo-friendly wines, liquors and cocktails.

Organic, sulfite-free red wine tends to be semi-safe ground for the paleo diet. Unlike beer, it doesn’t contain gluten. A moderate amount is good for your heart and can lower your blood pressure, among other reported health benefits. Sulfites can cause more intense hangovers in some people, which is why sulfite-free wine is recommended. And reds contain tannins and resveratrol, where much of the antioxidant benefit is derived from — whites do not.

This red wine sangria skips on sweeteners and focuses on adding fruit.

Look for potato or grape vodka in order to avoid grains, which aren't paleo-friendly.

This paleo bloody mary recipe uses vodka, a paleo-approved liquor, and contains no added sugars. Plus, you get a serving of vegetables.

This maple-mint spritzer recipe contains vodka and does add maple syrup, which is paleo-approved for being natural and a historically accessible sweetener.

Tequila is a great option, but make sure it’s 100 percent agave — anything less means there are likely added sugars.

This blackberry mojito uses tequila instead of rum and skips out on any added sweeteners, using fresh berries instead.

This spicy margarita recipe uses a little honey to sweeten it but otherwise relies on mango, lime and tequila to give it a punch.

This bellini recipe is just Champagne and fruit, making it a real paleo treat.

This white sangria recipe adds a sweet, white moscato in addition to Champagne and fruit.