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Good food in great cities: Best Vegan Restaurants

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Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

The number of vegan restaurants around the US are growing but that doesn't mean they are always easy to find. Whether you've just moved to a new city, you're new to the vegan lifestyle, or you're just on the look out for some new restaurants to satisfy your needs as a foodie, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of the most talked about vegan restaurants in the most talked about places.

Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

The number of vegan restaurants around the US are growing but that doesn't mean they are always easy to find. Whether you've just moved to a new city, you're new to the vegan lifestyle, or you're just on the look out for some new restaurants to satisfy your needs as a foodie, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of the most talked about vegan restaurants in the most talked about places.


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Café Sunflower

They incorporate a number a flavors into their healthy cuisine. With two Atlanta locations they offer their visitors a little taste of the world with flavors from Caribbean, Asian, American Southwestern and Mediterranean cuisines. When it comes to their menu, as long as it doesn’t have cheese its vegan!

  • Popular menu item: Carrot Cake dessert, Fajitas at the Buckhead location, Portobello Mushroom Wrap at the Sandy Springs

  • Quick Fact: They were recently a winner of the Vegetarian Times Dining Out Award.

  • Phone: (404) 352-8859

  • Website:


You can choose to make your entrée “The Complete Meal” which comes with a soup or salad, tea, and a dessert of your choice for $14.95. Maybe the veggie plate or the Vegetarian Peppersteak?

  • Popular menu item: The sweet potato fries that come with any sandwich

  • Quick fact: Keep in mind that the portions are generous!

  • Phone: (404) 231-3111

  • Website:

Healthful Essence

This Caribbean style vegan and vegetarian hotspot was founded on food that not only stirs up thoughts of spices and soul but nourishes the body. With wraps, salads, desserts and much more, Healthful Essence offers a menu that aims to enhance the lives of Atlanta vegans.

  • Popular menu item: Jerk UnChicken

  • Quick fact: The chefs at Healthful Essence bring 43 years of culinary experience to the table.

  • Phone: (404) 806-0830

  • Website:

Dulce Vegan

Dulce Vegan fills a much needed gap in the vegan sweets department. In their own words, “we believe that everyone deserves delicious and beautiful desserts.” If you have any special occasions in your future, Dulce Vegan might be the answer to your catering concerns. You can indulge and skip the guilt!

  • Quick fact: They accommodate gluten-free and allergy needs and are willing to make your order sugar free.

  • Phone: (404) 624-7417

  • Website:

Stone Soup Kitchen

They may serve soup but Stone Soup Kitchen has become equally known for its delectable breakfast. They strive to be more than just a cup of coffee with menu items that cater to the many dietary lifestyles of their customers.

  • Popular menu item: Tofu Scramble, Vegos Rancheros

  • Fact: They choose local and organic whenever possible.

  • Phone: (404) 524-1222

  • Website:

Arden’s Garden

Arden Zinn began making juice out of her own kitchen nearly ten years ago and today it has flourished into a successful Atlanta business. Her juices can be found at five Arden’s Garden retail stores and also at whole foods markets all over the city.

  • Popular menu item: Nutriboosts

  • Quick fact: Arden’s Garden also offers cleansing programs and classes.

  • Website:

Lov’n It Live

Lovn’ It Live maintains direct relationships with local organic farmers in order to maintain freshness and quality in their menu items. The restaurant plays the familiar voices of jazz music to encourage their visitors to unwind and “unplug” during their visit to Lov’n It Live. They also feature live music, poetry readings, and feel free to play a game of chess while you dine!

  • Popular menu item: Tostada

  • Quick fact: Food is prepared fresh daily.

  • Phone: (404) 765-9220

  • Website:

World Peace Café

World Peace Café appropriately calls itself a peaceful oasis in a busy city. All of their profits go towards meditation classes and events designed to inspire peace of mind. And the people that work at the café? They’re volunteers too, so pay them a visit!

  • Popular menu item: Soups (kale, mushroom, or lentil)

  • Quick fact: The restaurant itself was built using donations and volunteers.

  • Phone: (404) 256-2100

  • Website:

Urban PL8

Urban PL8 uses local and sustainable products and produce to create healthier meal options. While some plates are still made with meat, many of their dishes can accommodate the vegan lifestyle. The food is freshly prepared for high quality but preserves its affordability. You can join them for brunch and cocktails or dine with them for dinner.

  • Popular menu item: Red Curry Pan-seared Tofu

  • Quick fact: Sunday brunch offers 10% bottomless mimosas until 3PM.

  • Phone:(404) 367-0312

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Peace o’ Pie

This gourmet vegan pizza joint uses strictly vegan ingredients. They also make organic ingredients a priority, offer gluten-free or whole wheat crust, and use biodegradable packing supplies. Now that that is cleared up, celebrate with a slice of Peace!

  • Popular toppings: Apple-sage Sausage, Sun-dried Tomato

  • Quick fact: They used eco-friendly building materials including a Paperstone countertop.

  • Phone: (617) 787-9884

  • Website:

Life Alive

Life Alive doesn’t want you to compromise taste for convenience. Their main goal, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, raw or macrobiotic foodie, is to leave you feeling satisfied. With each plate they offer a list of recommended sides that compliment the meal and send you home happy.

  • Popular menu item: Adventurer Plate

  • Quick fact: They use agave nectar! Check out their site for more ingredient info.

  • Phone: (978) 453-1311

  • Website:

Clover Food Lab

Until their four locations open for business, they will continue operating as a food truck. You can find their trucks in Dewey Square, Harvard Sqaure, and Kendell Sqaure. Visit their website to follow their journey and learn about their foodie philosophy.

  • Popular menu item: Chickpea Sandwich, Rosemary Fries

  • Quick fact: They make their food fresh daily.

  • Website:

Red Lentil Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegan/vegetarian restaurant creates their menu based on the fresh, organic, and local produce available to them. From the words of the chef, “we endeavor to be good to our customers, good to the farmers, and good to the environment.” So vegans, let’s be good to Red Lentil!

  • Popular menu item: Gobi Manchurian, the sweet potato quesadilla

  • Quick fact: They cater!

  • Phone: (617) 972-9188

  • Website:

The Pulse Café

The Pulse Café houses a strictly vegan menu that offers some gluten-free options. That makes this Davis Square destination a haven for foodies in the Boston area. Hide out with The Pulse Café and enjoy your life as a vegan.

  • Popular menu item: Mushroom Calamari or the Rueben Sandwich

  • Quick fact: They use wind energy to support their electrical needs.

  • Phone: (617) 625-1730

  • Website:

Masao’s Kitchen

Choose to pay by the pound from their vegan buffet or opt out for their soup, sandwich, and sweet selections that are all created using macrobiotic cooking methods. Never fear, its 100% vegan so you won’t have to settle when you visit this sincere vegan establishment.

  • Popular menu item: BBQ Tofu Sandwich

  • Quick fact: No refined sugar, MSG, chemicals, preservatives, irradiated foods or genetically modified foods are used at Masao’s.

  • Phone: (781) 647-7977

  • Website:

The Other Side Café

Perouse their vegan and vegetarian options of California based cuisine and get inspired by the eccentric atmosphere of this Back Bay hipster enthused hangout. They offer brunch before three and movie nights Sunday at ten PM.

  • Popular menu item: Our Own Vegetarian Chili

  • Quick fact: It’s a great post-work hangout to grab drinks with friends.

  • Phone: (617) 536-843

  • Website:

True Bistro

Chef Stuart Reiter, a native to San Francisco, has traveled all over the world and led vegan friendly Kitchens in Oregon, California, and Massachusetts. He has even served in the Peace Corp making his dedication to the plant-based meals a full one. Chef Giles Siddons works with Chef Reiter to provide competition to the upscale vegan kitchens in The Big Apple, San Fran, and Philly.

  • Popular menu item: The Phyllo Purse

  • Quick fact: No reservations for parties less than 6.

  • Phone: (617) 627-9000

  • Website:

Veggie Planet

They specialize in pizza but this vegan food joint also offer meals on rice, soups, salads, and of course, desserts. Once dawn breaks, the main dining room becomes Club Passim where Veggie Planet’s dedication to music and community become a part of their cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: Henry’s Lunch or The Peanut Curry

  • Quick fact: If you can make it to a Sunday brunch you’ll be treated to a little live music at Veggie Planet.

  • Phone: (617) 661-1513

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Karyn’s on Green

Karyn is glamorizing vegan. They call themselves an atmosphere so chic, you’ll forget it’s good for you. Not only does this vegan establishment value the environment but they also opt to be elegant and stylish. They offer classic American dishes that are altered to vegan standards and allow you to let out your inner chic if you should choose to.

  • Popular menu item: Chorizo Sliders, Chicken Legs.

  • Quick fact: Entrepreneur Karyn has created a small vegan empire in Chicago. Check out her other establishments as well.

  • Phone: (312) 226-6155

  • Website:

The Chicago Diner

Meat free since ’83! They offer an evolving menu and support animal friendly organizations.

  • Popular menu item: Spice black bean burger and the sweet potato fries

  • Quick fact: The Half Pipe, a recent addition to their menu, was inspired by Olympian Shawn White.

  • Phone: (773) 935-6696

  • Website:

The Mana Food Bar

Their name, Mana, loosely translates into “the life force in nature” or “the things magic is made of.” Either way you choose to interpret it, their priorities are in place. You can choose from a selection of cold or hot dishes, sides, and a drink menu that includes booze, juice, and savory smoothies.

  • Popular menu item: The Sweet Potato Pancake

  • Quick fact: First come, first serve. No reservations!

  • Phone: (773) 342-1742

  • Website:

Delicious Café

A Delicious Café is a delicious coffee pit stop that also serves tasty sandwiches. You can choose one of their creations or cook up your own. Options include bread or rice, hummus or vegenaise, tomato or avocado, a selection of cashew cheeses and more!

  • Popular menu item: The sandwiches and baked goods!

  • Quick fact: Taking a non-vegan friend along? No worries, they have dairy milk available on request.

  • Phone: (773) 477-9840

  • Website:

Handlebar Bar and Grill

Choose from their many vegan options and enjoy some drinks in their beer garden on a nice day. In winter, if you’re interested in a bike ride stop by for a snow ride at 7pm and get a handle on the many things Handlebar Bar and Grill has to offer.

  • Popular menu item: Buffalo Chicken Wrap or the Black Bean Maduro

  • Quick fact: Check out their daily drink specials.

  • Phone: (773) 384-9546

  • Website:

Karyn’s Cooked

Part of the various Karyn’s establishments in Chicago including Karyn’s on Green, Karyn’s Raw Cafe, and even Karyn’s Inner Beauty Center, Karyn’s Cooked offers a hip environment and gourmet vegan cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: Taco Salad Bowl and Jerk Tofu Wrap

  • Quick fact: They offer a raw menu.

  • Phone: (312) 587-1050

  • Website:

Green Zebra

At Green Zebra they are devoted to seasonality, freshness, and flavor and believe that dining should be a sensuous experience. So, they decided to make your experience one that requires all five senses. Their motto? “In an era that is hi-tech, we will be high-touch.” You can splurge on their tasting menu option or spend a little more reasonably from their menu of the season.

  • Popular menu item: The Tasting Menu, a five course experience

  • Quick fact: Green Zebra is primarily vegetarian but vegan friendly.

  • Phone: (312) 243-7100

  • Website:

Cousins Incredible Vitality

You’ll quickly notice that nothing goes on this menu unless it has been made with love and gratitude. Cousins Vitality is a vegan restaurant with a Mediterranean spin. You can choose from their Meze menu or their raw entrees and then celebrate with a vegan friendly dessert. Whatever you do, don’t skip their juice menu.

  • Popular menu item: Live pizza

  • Quick fact: They offer detox programs!

  • Phone: (773) 478-6868

  • Website:

I dream of Falafel

Build your own entrée! Start with the vegan platter then choose your extras and choose your sauce. No one said vegans can’t enjoy ethnic food.

  • Popular side: Hummus

  • Quick fact: You can fax your order in to this restaurant and they’ll deliver!

  • Website:

Ste Martean Food Truck

Visit their website to find their confirmed stops so that you can get some gourmet vegan cheese in your fridge. Don’t forget to check out their Saturday menu and don’t worry, its 100% vegan.

  • Quick fact: Ste Martean is partnered with Soul Vegetarian East Restaurant.


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Spiral Diner and Bakery

For original founder Amy Mcnutt, Spiral Diner and Bakery was an environmental response to the cruel practices in the dairy and egg industry. She wanted to further encourage those interested in veganism by making good vegan food available. Today there are two locations in Texas, Fort Worth and Dallas.

  • Popular menu item: Dill Potato Salad, Ate Layer Burrito

  • Quick fact: All you can eat pancakes on Sundays!

  • Phone: (817) 332-8834

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion offers a vegan soy cheese, vegan sauce, and vegan dough (as long it’s not the gluten free option). Add these options to some veggie toppings and you have yourself a truly vegan pizza.

  • Popular menu item: Very Vegan Pizza or the Fusion Salad

  • Quick fact: They deliver in hybrid vehicles!

  • Phone: (954) 358-5353

  • Website:

Green Wave Café

Their café is open Tuesday through Saturday because on Mondays they host an organic market from 8-2pm. The Green Wave Café also offers one on one consultation and hands on classes. Check out their website to learn more about Chef Lisa Valle’s commitment to healthy, living, gourmet foods.

  • Popular menu item: Lettuce Boat Tacos

  • Quick fact: Travel plans? They have an international location in Saudi Arabia!

  • Phone: (954) 581-8377

  • Website:


What’s so great about Sublime Restaurant and Bar? The food of course. But what makes it even better? 100% of their profits go to organizations that promote animal welfare and vegan lifestyles. This restaurant has not only been recognized for its cuisine, but also for its restaurant décor which features exotic trees, waterfalls, and skylights. Now that’s a sublime experience.

  • Popular menu item: Enchiladas and the Chocolate Nirvana dessert

  • Quick fact: They are available for private functions.

  • Phone: (954) 615-1431

  • Website:

Seasons 52

This may not be a primarily vegan establishment but they offer an alternative vegan menu that upholds the restaurants commitment to seasonally inspired dishes and tastes that excite the palate. They believe in their food so much that they cater to all diets and invite you to attend their fresh dining experience.

  • Popular menu item: Vegetable pasta

  • Quick fact: They have an award winning wine list!

  • Phone: (954) 537-1052

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Peace Café

Peace Café rooted from the idea of peace on earth. Their restaurant philosophy is based on tastefulness, kindness, and happiness. They use whole, organic, and local foods and now provide happy hour Monday through Friday from 2-5pm.

  • Popular menu item: Teriyaki Tempeh

  • Quick fact: They offer lunch boxes so you can take it to go!

  • Phone: (808) 951-7555

  • Website:


After operating four restaurants in Tokyo, Moco and Isamu Kubota opened Kaiseitei Restaurant in Hawaii, which turned into Hale in 2009. They now practice macrobiotic food principles, use seasonal ingredients, and shop local crops whenever they can.

  • Popular menu item: Kuruma-Fu Cutlet with Apple Miso Sauce

  • Quick fact: For dessert they offer a chocolate chip cookie with soy ice cream.

  • Phone: (808) 944-1555

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Patricia Greer’s Kitchen

Located in the inner loop of Houston, Pat Greer’s Kitchen offers catering and also sells prepared food in other retail stores. At the heart of it all is the vegan to go meals sold at their own location in Houston.

  • Popular menu item: Veggie Lasagna

  • Quick fact: They use local produce.

  • Phone: (713) 807-0101

  • Website:

Field of Greens

Almost everything on their menu is either already vegan or can be prepared the vegan way upon request. Don’t skip out on the vegan chocolate pie filled with tofu and chocolate chips and crusted with maple syrup and granola.

  • Popular menu item: Eden Burger

  • Quick fact: They were voted the best vegetarian restaurant in 2008 by Houston Press.

  • Phone: (713) 533-0029

  • Website:

Radical Eats

This vendor makes tamales, soups, wraps, spring rolls and sandwiches. You can find them at Antidote Coffee. Check out their website to see where else you can find their famous vegan tamales and do opt to try their gourmet tamale sauces.

  • Popular item: Chipotle Black Bean Tamale or the Caramelized Onion Banana Leaf Tamale.

  • Quick fact: Radical eats started their business in farmer’s markets and soon started providing food for coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants.

  • Phone: (281) 222-7647

  • Website:

Garden Kitchen

At Garden Kitchen they believe that nature has provided us with the best nutrition possible. Their entrees, snacks, and desserts are whole, live, and plant based. Whether it’s a full entrée or just a smoothie on your mind, Garden Kitchen has it.

  • Popular menu item: Zucchini Cremini Wrap

  • Quick fact: Garden Kitchen was founded on the practice of cardiologist Baxter Montgomery when he was forced to reevaluate his own health and duties as a doctor.

  • Phone: (832) 350-7534

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Samosa Factory Indian Cuisine

This is no Vegas buffet… just good ol’ home cooked Indian cuisine. They don’t use MSG or artificial food coloring and offer an array of vegan dishes. They even offer Stevia!

  • Popular menu item: Masala Fries, Samosas

  • Quick fact: Lunch specials start at $6.95.

  • Phone: (702) 258-9196

  • Website:


“All organic, all good.” That’s their motto. Sunrise Coffee is an independent coffee shop with a unique vibe for the Vegas scene. They host open mic nights and display local art. If you’re lucky, you might get a fun design in your latte foam. They have a small food menu but its all vegan friendly and even better, it’s homemade by part owner Juanny Romero.

  • Popular menu item: Aliens left a Burrito in the Middle East

  • Quick fact:Their coffee is fair trade.

  • Phone: (702) 433-3304

  • Website:

GO Raw Café

This café offers what they’ve named tasty toasts, salads, salad wraps, soups, sushi, pizza and other entrees. Everything on their menu is live vegan cuisine and organic whenever possible. They also offer a selection of juices and super smoothies intended to fuel your body.

  • Popular menu item: Salads

  • Quick fact: They have sister restaurants all over the states and even some international locations.

  • Phone: (702) 254-5382

  • Website:

Mint Indian Bistro

If you have a travel itch, this might be your next lunch destination. The chef of this bistro believes that the food they serve you should transfer you in spirit to the region it came from and that no one should have to miss out on that experience.

  • Popular menu item: (702) 894-9334

  • Quick fact: They cater to many diets including Kosher, gluten free, and of course, vegan.

  • Phone: (702) 894-9334

  • Website:

Atomic #7

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere and the idea of customizing your ice cream experience seems like a dream. Atomic #7 is the perfect place for vegans, or other foodies with special diets, to enjoy the same dreamy qualities of those yogurt shops posting up just about everywhere. Choose your milk (almond, soy, rice, etc.), your flavors (bubble gum, banana fosters, ginger, vanilla, and MANY more), “chunky elements” (strawberries, cookie dough, waffle chips) and even toppings and cones. This only begins to describe the many vegan friendly options Atomic #7 offers.

  • Popular menu item: The King

  • Quick fact: The cups and bowls are made from natural products and even have expiration dates!

  • Phone: (702) 458-4777

  • Website:

The Wynn

Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn has ordered that all of the restaurants in his Vegas properties must now serve vegan options. Some of the options include Grilled Royal Trumpet Mushrooms with polenta, Tofu Napoleons, and Fava Bean Puree. This latest news may not be underground but the commentary on it is so next time you’re in Las Vegas and want to splurge on a luxury meal, check out the vegan options at The Wynn resort.

  • Website:

Red Velvet Café

They are not 100% vegan. However, Red Velvet Café offers vegan-friendly meats and soy cheese upon request. Choose from Panini and pizzetta dishes. They also serve a yummy vegan taco salad.

  • Popular menu item: Chicken Spinach and Mushroom Pizzetta

  • Quick fact: If you ask, your waiter will bring you a vegan dessert menu.

  • Phone: (702) 360-1972

  • Website:

Miko’s Izakaya Sushi and Japanese

Miko’s serves traditional Japanese food in a family-friendly environment that is affordable and unique. They are conveniently located near the Vegas strip as well as the airport to meet your traveling and your health needs at the same time.

  • Popular menu item: Miko’s Special

  • Quick fact: They cater!

  • Phone: (702) 823-2779

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Chili Addiction

Need a new addiction? Replace a bad one with a good one at Chili addiction. They offer a complete vegan menu of chili, dogs, burgers, and sausage. Their homemade condiments and vegetarian friendly sides seal the deal on this award winning chili joint.

  • Popular menu item: Their daily variety of award winning homemade chili, and the sweet potato fries are another hot ticket item!

  • Quick fact: They serve over 90 Chili’s!

  • Phone: (323) 203-1793

  • Website:

Cruzer Pizza

Cruzer Pizza uses 100% animal free vegan ingredients and still delivers it right to your door. Their “cheese” of choice? …Daiya. Salads, sandwiches, and pastas are also available and might be perfect for your next catered event. There’s no such thing as small sizes, so go big or go home with their medium-extra larger vegan pizzas.

  • Popular menu item: Hawaiian, BBQ chicken pizza

  • Quick fact: They also have a location in Glendale, CA.

  • Phone: (323) 666-0600

  • Website:

Lotus Vegan

The key thing to remember at Lotus Vegan is to specify mild or spicy. They offer more than Asian cuisine but also breakfast, wraps, salads, veggie burgers, and even chicken nuggets.

  • Popular menu item: Pad Thai or the Orange Soy Chicken

  • Quick fact: They’re organic!

  • Phone: (818) 760-8088

  • Website:


Their restaurant encourages the desire for a better diet by proving that healthy and tasty can go together. The gourmet vegan cuisine at Cru includes tastes from Italian, Japanese, Tunisian, Thai and Indian food. Don’t forget the guilt-free dessert options at the end of your visit.

  • Popular menu item: Chorizo Tostada or the Mezze Platter

  • Quick fact: Cru offers raw food classes to help guide you through your transformation into a raw food diet.

  • Phone: (323) 667-1551

  • Website:

Pure Luck

Pure Luck Restaurant is a vegan pub with a neighborhood friendly feel. Add avocado to any dish, ask for extra tofu, or get a side of rice and beans. Ever had plantains? This is place to try them but don’t forget to ask Pure Luck to top them off with whipped cream.

  • Popular menu items: Jackfruit Carnitas and the Tofu Pesto Sandwich

  • Quick fact: It’s Pam Anderson’s favorite vegan restaurant in LA.

  • Phone: (323) 660-5993

  • Website:


Shojin Restaurant is inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine concepts which include frying with miso, soy sauce, and vinegar seasoning. The word itself means “to make every effort to achieve something” in Japanese. At Shojin they have made every effort to serve meals inspired by both macrobiotic and Japanese principles.

  • Popular menu item: Pumpkin Croquette

  • Quick fact: Shojin cuisine is the term for traditional Japanese vegetarian food.

  • Phone: (213) 617-0305

  • Website:

Flore Vegan Cuisine

Simply walk up to the vegan deli counter or opt to have sit down service indoors or out. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your visit would not be complete without trying one of their stellar desserts; the pictures on their website will have you convinced.

  • Popular menu item: Tempeh Reuben sandwich

  • Quick fact: They use only organic ingredients.

  • Phone: (323) 953-0611

  • Website:

Truly Vegan Restaurant

Their menu is strongly Thai, American, and Japanese, so whether you’re craving some curry or you want a luscious burger this is the place to go. Above all, they offer a very wide variety of vegan meals and for all you breakfast junkies, it is served all day.

  • Popular menu item: The pancakes

  • Quick fact: They deliver!

  • Phone: (323) 466-7958

  • Website:

Rahel Ethiopian Veggie Cuisine

This Ethiopian cuisine is served with Injera, a traditional bread, which is used to scoop, dip, and savor the many stews they offer. Rahel Woldmedhin serves an all vegan menu so make this buffet your next lunch time pit stop.

  • Popular menu: The Veggie Paradise Special

  • Quick fact: Their menu has been recognized by Los Angeles Magazine and The New York Times.

  • Phone: (323) 937-8401

  • Website:

Vegan Glory

You can see firsthand what their up to a Vegan Glory. They are so confident in their food preparation and cleanliness that they opt to have an open kitchen style. Most dishes are infused with a Thai influence but all dishes are vegan. Stop by for lunch or a casual dinner and see why Vegan Glory deserves some grandeur.

  • Popular menu items: Green Curry or the Freshy Rolls

  • Quick fact: They deliver within a 3-mile radius.

  • Phone: (323) 653-4900

  • Website:

The Vegan Joint

The Vegan Joint serves breakfast all day, throws some burgers and wraps into the mix for lunch and finishes strong with Thai seasoned veggie dinners served on rice, noodles, and curries. Check out their full menu for more options.

  • Popular menu item: Spicy Mint Noodles or Spring Rolls

  • Quick fact: Party Platters serve 10-45 people.

  • Phone: (310) 559-1357

  • Website:

Café de Chaya

The owner of Chaya, an international restaurant chain, says, “Hospitality is considered the same everywhere and good food is a universal language.” In upholding the Chaya tradition, M Café strives to give every guest a great experience and they hope to encourage contemporary macrobiotic cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: Big Macro Burger

  • Quick fact: They serve BabyCakes NYC products as well.

  • Phone: (310) 858-8459

  • Website:

Native Foods Café

Fifteen years ago the first Native Foods opened their doors and there are now seven locations that feature organic, vegan, and vegetarian food. Native serves salads, earth bowls, burgers, and more!

  • Popular menu item: The Chicken Run Ranch Burger or the Soup Bowl

  • Quick fact: Chef Tanya Petrovna has been featured on The Food Network, authored two cookbooks, and has received attention from Zagat, USA Today, and Vegetarian Times.

  • Phone: (310) 209-1055

  • Website:

A Votre Sante

The main goal at A Votre Sante is to cater to your health and to your taste buds. When they say health they don’t always mean vegan but they do offer a special vegan menu among the many other healthy choices you can make at A Votre Sante.

  • Popular menu item: Dragontail

  • Quick fact: They feature an artist every month.

  • Phone: (310) 451-1813

  • Website:

Vegan House on Sunset

Check Vegan House off as one of the true vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. Their specialty? Traditional Thai cuisine with a vegan twist.

  • Popular menu item: Soy Pepper Steak

  • Quick fact: Free parking!

  • Phone: (213) 483-2105

  • Website:

Sante La Brea

Any on the fence Vegans out there? This is a great place to transition into your new diet. If you’re not ready make the full commitment, choose one of their salmon, chicken, turkey, or tuna dishes but rest easy knowing that you won’t be chowing down any of these ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats.

  • Popular menu items: Baked Samosas, Sizzlin’ Fajitas

  • Quick fact: All of their desserts are vegan!

  • Phone: (323) 857-0412

  • Website:

Real Raw Live

Is a smoothie sounding stellar? This vegan juice bar wants to send you to the top of the food chain with their smoothies and juices all created to improve your well being.

  • Popular menu item: Monk Shake

  • Quick fact: Their straws are made from plants and all there materials 100% compostable.

  • Phone: (323) 461-4545

  • Website:

LA Vegan Thai

LA Vegan’s cuisine is primarily Thai inspired. Check out their gourmet specials for around 12 dollars. Otherwise simply indulge in burrito or a burger, something spicy or something mild, and finish with something sweet.

  • Popular menu item: Drunken Noodles

  • Quick fact: They serve pancakes all day!

  • Phone: (310) 574-9888

  • Website:

Green Leaves Vegan

Green Leaves calls their food fine specialty Thai cuisine but you’ll also find an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, wraps and breakfast burritos that are all vegan.

  • Popular menu item: The Tropical Pancakes

  • Quick fact: In 2006 LA Weekly named their Thai pancakes the best in LA.

  • Phone: (323) 848-2345

  • Website:

Bloom Café

They have more than just fun wall art at Bloom Cafe. Go sit down or swing by for a take out to enjoy their popular breakfast and lunch items. Pizza, soups, salads and more.

  • Popular menu item: Heuvos Rancheros or Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

  • Quick fact: You can order online and save 5% of your purchase

  • Phone: (323) 934-6900

  • Website:

Stuff I Eat

It’s a learning experience at Stuff I Eat. If you’re simply interested in starting a vegan diet, Stuff I Eat offers food for the transitional diet. They are constantly learning and researching new ways to substitute animal products. Their motto: If you don’t want meat, try The Stuff I Eat.

  • Popular menu item: Sumthin-Sumthin

  • Quick fact: Their desserts are wheat free and made with organic barley flour.

  • Phone: (310) 671-0115

  • Website:

Vin Loi Tofu

Vin Loi Tofu is ran by Kevin Tran who is known by all of his regular customers who love his food. He cooks up creative and innovative tofu dishes for vegans who are tired of the same ol’ stuff. At Vin Loi you will be introduced to a whole new world world of Tofu.

  • Popular menu item: Vin Loi Salad

  • Quick fact: Everything is 100% MSG-free.

  • Phone: (818) 996-9779

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Green Gables Cafe

You and your foodie friends can dine care-free at Green Gables and enjoy their homey décor with a little Miami flare. They offer vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free and gluten-free menu items.

  • Popular menu items: Butternut Squash Soup, Black Bean Burger

  • Quick fact: You can order online with cash or credit!

  • Phone: (305) 445-7015

  • Website:

Lifefood Gourmet

Among their many other options like burgers, burritos, and pizza you can build your own salad or just swing by for dessert. They also sell a series of products grocery style so that you can take them home and make your own Lifefood creations. Their menu uses an 8 piece symbol system that tells you what part of your body each menu item will better.

  • Popular menu item: LifeFood Platter, Tex Mex Pizza

  • Quick fact: LifeFood monthly specials are available.

  • Phone: (305) 856-6767

  • Website:

Bunnie Cakes

Cookies and brownies are viable choices when you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth at this bakery. The flavors get creative and be prepared to choose from four delicious frostings: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, and Chocolate Ganache. Bunnie Cakes features all vegan ingredients and uses organic whenever possible.

  • Popular menu item: Passion Fruit cupcake

  • Quick fact: Founder, Mariana, created all her cupcakes from her grandmother’s homemade recipes.

  • Phone: (786) 268-9790

  • Website:

La Vie en Raw

Not only do they have soup of the day, but they offer Entrée of the day! This artsy vegan café features menu items for the raw vegan diet. They often host dinner and a movie events as well as cooking classes and detox programs. All of their cuisine is gluten, dairy, and yeast-free.

  • Popular menu item: Basta Pasta

  • Quick fact: Sometimes they host art exhibitions!

  • Phone: (305) 444-3826

  • Website: (Coral Gables)


These gourmet salads feature cool, crisp, garden-fresh greens, fruits and veggies, and homemade dressing. Choose “My Way” and create your own salad to be hand tossed just for you.

  • Popular menu item: Mama Mia

  • Quick fact: The croutons are homemade in twelve different flavors that accompany 24 different dressings.

  • Phone: (305) 598-8599

  • Website:


This organic Italian restaurant believes that the art of cuisine is just as important and expressive as the paintings in your home. Escopazzo works with organic farmers and works hard to cater to vegan, vegetarian, and raw food diets. Chef Giancarla has campaigned against unsafe farming methods along her food journey. Learn more about her journey under their kitchen philosophy.

  • Popular menu item: Mushroom Risotto

  • Quick fact: Rated four stars in the Miami Herald

  • Phone: (305) 674-9450

  • Website:

Books and Books

This is actually an independent bookseller but many of their locations have cafés known for their delicious vegan dishes. Get buried in a book while you fill your stomach!

  • Popular menu item: Grilled Tofu Fajita Wrap

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Galactic Pizza

This is planet saving pizza served in four different styles: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and regular. They don’t just want to cook for you, they want to make the world a better place by engaging themselves in the local, national, and global communities.

  • Popular menu item: Paul Bunyan

  • Quick fact: 5% of their pre taxed profits go to charity and when the Second Harvest Heartland Pizza is ordered, one dollar goes to a hunger relief organization which the pizza is named after.

  • Phone: (305) 674-9450

  • Website:

Tao Natural Foods

This isn’t just a café but a market and bookstore as well. Some call it hippydom and feel the need to put on their linen pants before they appear but no one denies the divine dishes at Tao Natural Foods.

  • Popular menu item: Avacado sandwhich

  • Quick fact: They offer acupuncture services and more!

  • Phone: (612) 377-4630

  • Website:

Seward Community Café

The Seward community has been up and running since 1974 and welcoming a diverse group of customers since their doors opened. Their menu features vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert that is made high quality ingredients.

  • Popular menu item: Vegan French Toast

  • Quick fact: They have a recycle, renew, and reuse policy that is carried out in a number of ways. Check out their “About” website section to learn about their values and priorities.

  • Phone: (612) 332-1011

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Lula’s Sweet Apothecary

Lulu’s is an all natural, vegan frozen desert shop that is entirely dairy free. They offer gluten-free, cashew based, and soy based treats. If you’re a lover of soft served ice cream, they have strawberry, cake batter, and twist.

  • Popular menu item: Peanut butter fudge

  • Quick fact: You can purchase gift cards online!

  • Phone: (646) 912-4549

  • Website:


Located in a chic and stylish and Chelsea townhouse, Blossom provides an intimate setting that is warm and inviting. They encourage a vegan lifestyle and have a growing concern for animal safety.

  • Popular menu item: Port Wine Seitan

  • Quick fact: They have been honored as the best vegetarian restaurant two years in a row by Time Out Magazine.

  • Phone: (212) 627-1144

  • Website:

Red Bamboo

Red Bamboo in Greenwich Village celebrates diverse culinary traditions everyday through their Caribbean, Thai, and Creole inspired cuisine. No matter what region it comes from, each dish is authentically vegan or vegetarian.

  • Popular menu item: Creole Soul Chicken

  • Quick fact: They deliver until 11PM daily.

  • Phone: (212) 260-1212

  • Website:

Candle 79

Candle 79 is a duel floor restaurant serving fine foods along with organic wine and sake for the sophisticated eater in New York. They pride themselves on bringing elegance to vegetarian cuisine and putting your health first!

  • Popular menu item: Jerk Chicken Seitan

  • Quick fact: Candle 79 works with many causes including: Social Venture Network, Better world Books, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, Farm Sanctuary, Wellness in the Schools, Co-op America, and the Northeast Organic Farmer's Association.

  • Phone: (212) 537-7179

  • Website:

Sacred Chow

Heroes are a series of entrees served on a toasted, whole wheat baguette with "chow slaw" and a pickle. Whether your order this, one of their salads or appetizers they are committed to serving 100% kosher, eco-vegan, and low-carbon foods.

  • Popular menu item: Orange Barbeque Setian

  • Quick fact: They host an event called Whisper Hour which is an hour featuring non-intrusive prayer, chant, music, voice or instrumental, meditation or storytelling, fact, fiction, science fiction, poetry, thoughts, ideas, dreams, or wishes written on notes.

  • Phone: (212) 337-0863

  • Website:

Candle Café

“Made fresh from the farm to the table!” The Candle Café is a sister establishment to Candle 79. Actually, it is what Candle 79 stemmed from in 2003 and values the same sustainable, eco-friendly practices in their vegan cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: Cajun Seitan Sandwhich

  • Quick fact: The name comes from the original owner of a landmark Manhattan health food store that used to be in its place. The owner would light candles every night to bless the establishment.

  • Phone: (212) 472-0970

  • Website:

Good Health Burgers

Not only do they serve vegan meals but none of their dishes are made with butter or sugar. This makes for a truly guilt free dining experience in midtown.

  • Popular menu item: Crispy soy-chicken nuggets

  • Quick fact:You can order online, they deliver!

  • Phone: (212) 888-8007

  • Website:

HanGawi Restaurant

As vegetarianism grew in popularity, HanGawi founders found value in introducing native Korean dishes to the western culture. They believe your food should be a balance of om foods(green veggies and fruits) and yang foods(roots, radishes, carrots, and potatoes). They strive to create balanced vegetarian cuisine in this way. They want to help you keep your body healthy while they help you nourish your mind through harmonious décor.

  • Popular menu item: The Mongolian Hot Pot

  • Quick fact: They have been awarded by Zagat and The New York Times.

  • Phone: (212) 213-0077

  • Website:


V-note is an organic wine bar and vegan bistro in the upper east side. They will help you carefully select a wine or beer to compliment your meal and they stay open late to accommodate to your New York minute lifestyle.

  • Popular menu item: Pistachio and Pepper Dusted Tofu

  • Quick fact: They deliver until 10PM.

  • Phone: (212) 249-5009

  • Website:

Peace Food Café

Peace Food is an innovative vegan café that utilizes seasonal and local foods.

  • Popular menu item: Japanese Pumpkin Sandwich

  • Quick fact: They have many raw options available.

  • Phone: (212) 362-2266

  • Website:

Cocoa V

Many vegans will be thanking heavens for this vegan chocolate boutique and wine bar. Their treats include bon bons, truffles, bark, and bars. They also make a variety of baked goods.

  • Popular menu item: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

  • Quick fact: Everything is fair trade.

  • Phone: (212) 242-3339

  • Website:

Dao Palate

Dao Palate is budget friendly pan-Asian inspired cuisine in Brooklyn.

  • Popular menu item: Seitan Skewers

  • Quick fact: They deliver with a fifteen dollar minimum order.

  • Phone: (718) 638-1995

  • Website:

Atlas Café

At Atlas they make Moroccan enthused vegan, vegetarian, and  also non vegetarian meals. They are located in the lower east side and they deliver.

  • Popular menu item: Any Panini sandwich

  • Quick fact: They’re available to cater.

  • Phone: (917) 459-2299

  • Website:

Pure Food and Wine

They opened their doors in 2004 and have been serving to the raw food lifestyle even when it wasn’t a well known lifestyle choice. Everything on their menu is plant based. They have a back dining room available for private bookings that is otherwise available to the public. In the summer when the weather allows it, their back garden seats an additional 70 people.

  • Popular menu item: The Tasting Menu

  • Quick fact: They have been featured in Forbes Magazine five years in a row.

  • Phone: (212) 477-1010

  • Website:


Their two locations in west village and the upper east side provide food for the five senses. Take comfort watching their open kitchen, listening to revitalizing music, and tasting their delectable dishes.

  • Popular menu item: Butternut Sqaush Risotto

  • Quick fact: They have been reviewed by VegCooking, New York, Voice, and Zagat.

  • Phone: (212) 288-5099

  • Website:

Pala Pizza

Where Pizza is most famous in the states, vegans should not have to miss out. Pala Pizza gives you the option of gluten-free crusts, vegetarian, and dairy free pizza pies when you place your order.

  • Popular menu item: Inferno

  • Quick fact: They use daiya cheese!

  • Phone: (212) 614-7252

  • Website:

Quantum Leap

Located in the east and west villages, Quantum Leap serves entrees that cater to many diets. Their menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, veggie burgers, and Seitan dishes.

  • Popular menu item: Veggie Burger

  • Quick fact: They serve brunch!

  • Phone: (212) 677-8050

  • Website:


Everything served at Quintessence is 100% organic, vegan, and raw as they remain equally committed to taste.

  • Popular menu item: The Mexican Platter

  • Quick fact: They share some of their recipes on their website!

  • Phone: (646) 654-1823

  • Website:

Caravan of Dreams

Caravan of Dreams is an elegant dimly lit haven of organic, vegan cuisine. Founder Angel Moreno made this his passion project where food, health, music, and community can all work together. That is why live music is an important part of the dining experience at Caravan of Dreams.

  • Popular menu item: Caravan Burrito

  • Quick fact: It’s certified Kosher!

  • Phone: (212) 254-1613

  • Website:

The V-spot

Founder Daniel Carabano created The V-spot with the desire to remain true to his Latin background as well as his vegan commitment. Vegan or not, their patio is a great place to wind down with sangria, mimosas, and more.

  • Popular menu item: Empanadas

  • Quick fact: Their Sunday night dinner special includes a small soup, veggie empanada, and the entrée of the day for only ten dollars.

  • Phone: (718) 622-2275

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Dandelion Communitea Café

Their philosophy follows in Gandhi’s footsteps. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” They believe in conscious capitalism, sacred commerce, and common sense and are certified by Green America for their sustainable business practices. The humble abode from which they operate is even painted green.

  • Popular menu item: Bean there done that wrap

  • Quick fact: Dandy Hour: 4-7pm on weekdays, 2$ organic drafts, 5$ appetizers, 2$ off wine

  • Phone: (407) 362-1864

  • Website:

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Located on Lake Ivanhoe, Ethos Kitchen serves hearty, home-style cuisine that is 100% vegan. You can choose to order at the counter or receive table service in their indoor or outdoor seating. They value their comfortable setting as much as they do their fully vegan cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: What’s the Dilly Philly

  • Quick fact: They serve Sunday brunch!

  • Phone: (407) 228-3898

  • Website:

Drunken Monkey Coffee

Their unique décor of decoupage tables and vintage seating are a part of the Drunken Monkey’s unique setting. They serve everything from quiche to soups to burritos in order to please many vegan palates. And of course the specialty coffee drinks and beverages are just as uniquely thought up! The Mojo Jojo for example is a Vietnamese-style beverage with vanilla and cinnamon accents.

  • Popular menu item: Baja Dann Burrito

  • Quick fact: John Batcho sells his soups exclusively to Drunken Monkey. He used to be a main attraction at farmer’s markets where he made his soups famous.

  • Phone: (407) 893-4994

  • Website:

Café 118

Café 118 serves living cuisine and houses a juice bar, both of which are dairy and soy-free. Artificial sweeteners are also a big no-no at Café 118. They serve a variety of unbaked desserts for the unsatisfied sweet tooth.

  • Popular menu item: Shitake Mushroom Lasagna

  • Quick fact:They’re closed on Sundays.

  • Phone: (407) 389-2233

  • Website:

Infusion Tea

It’s not just tea! Infusion offers tea sandwiches, whole wheat wraps, and even pizzas. But beware, not everything is vegan-friendly.

  • Popular menu item: Their loose leaf teas

  • Quick fact: They book birthday parties!

  • Phone: (407) 999-5255

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.


Founders Kate and Rich came up with Horizons in order to fill to void of upscale vegan dining in Philadelphia and have now been named and recognized by nearly a dozen shows and publications. Rich, the executive chef, is self taught fueled by his own vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

  • Popular menu item: Jamaican BBQ Seitan

  • Quick fact: Kate and Rich have published two cook books.

  • Phone: (215) 923-6117

  • Website:

Sweet Freedom Bakery

The name says it all! At Sweet Freedom they believe that all foodies, special diets, and allergy sensitive people deserve the freedom of sweet, delectable goodies. Here’s what they don’t use: dairy, gluten, casein, eggs, corn, wheat, peanuts, soy and refined unnatural sugars.

  • Popular menu items: Pumpkin Cookie Sandwich, Magic bar

  • Quick fact: Goodies are baked fresh throughout the day.

  • Phone: (215) 545-1899

  • Website:

Blackbird Pizzeria

Vegan diets in Philly miss out on the famous Philly cheese steak so Blackbird Pizzeria brought to life the Seitan Cheesesteak to fill the void. The sandwich hosts the great flavors of grilled onions and peppers, crimini and white mushrooms, and daiya cheese.

  • Popular menu item: Haymaker

  • Quick fact: Certified Kosher!

  • Phone: (215) 625-6660

  • Website:

Govinda’s Vegetarian

Govinda’s offers gourmet to-go or fine dining depending on what time you need a gourmet fix for a reasonable price. Aside their fresh entrees they serve a variety of beverages and desserts including Sparkling Pomegranate Apple Juice and vegan strawberry shortcake.

  • Popular menu item: Fresh Papradelle with Asparagus Cream Sauce and Almonds, Chicken Cheese Steak

  • Quick fact: Each of their locations offers a different menu, so make sure you fund the right location if you’re looking for something specific.

  • Phone: (215) 985-9303

  • Website:

Mi Lah Vegetarian

“Mi lah” meaning nature, harmony, happiness, and kindness is the basis for this vegetarian establishment. They work with local farms and strive to offer the freshest and finest ingredients in order provide the best tasting dishes.

  • Popular menu item: Vietnamese Hoagie

  • Quick fact: They have a vegan Sunday brunch!

  • Phone: (215) 732-8888

  • Website:

Grindhouse Core

From time to time they’ll host art shows, hold concerts and feature guest speakers to provide a true and traditional coffeehouse café experience. All of their goodies are vegan friendly and the milk options go beyond the attempt of soy, including rice, coconut, and almond milk.

  • Popular menu item: unlimited coffee option

  • Fact: They use corn compost containers.

  • Phone: (215) 839-3333

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

24 Carrots

This beverage bistro sprung from one girl’s mission to quench her thirst the right way. Not only does 24 Carrots offer totally organic, naturally sweetened smoothies but their food is crafted with all vegan friendly ingredients that support their motto: Drink pure, eat pure, live pure. To prove it, their menu is updated weekly to reflect what is in season.

  • Popular menu item: The Masala Burger

  • Quick fact: They’re also known for their vegan granola which is made naturally, packaged, and sold in their store. Flavors include The Apple of my Eye, I Have a Date with a Cranberry, and more!

  • Phone: (480) 753-4411

  • Website: (chandler)


Green is a new American vegetarian cuisine in Tempe that is 100% vegan/vegetarian friendly. Damon Brasch based Green’s cuisine on morals he learned long ago at his grandparents’ house. There he picked fresh greens for salads and fell in love with the asparagus, to use his own words.

  • Popular menu item: Vegan crab puffs

  • Quick fact: They prepare their famous soft served ice cream daily in house.

  • Phone: (480) 941-9003

  • Website:

Blue Nile Café

Blue Nile offers and authentic Ethiopian experience based on the Injera bread native to the region. It’s sure to give meat and potatoes a run for their money while offering many vigorously flavorful meals that are vegetable based.

  • Popular menu item: The Shuro Watt

  • Quick fact: Tables are basket woven to help create a unique dining experience.

  • Phone: (480) 377-1113

  • Website:

Pita Jungle

Since their portions are large, at Pita Jungle they encourage you to bring friends, share meals, and save some for later. While it’s not entirely vegan, their menu is designed to inspire good health so check out their vegan chart to see what is made especially for you.

  • Popular menu item: Hummus, Pita Burrito

  • Quick fact: They have thirteen valley locations!

  • Phone: varies! See website

  • Website:

Bombay Spice and Wine Grill

At Bombay their redefined Indian cuisine is vegan and vegetarian friendly while also leaving out gluten whenever they can. Their dishes remain authentic to Indian diets using the spices cumin, turmeric, and coriander while leaving out butter, ghee, and cream.

  • Popular menu item: Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Quick fact: They grind their spices fresh daily.

  • Phone: (602) 795-0020

  • Website:

The Bread Fruit

Fresh ingredients and reggae music summarize what The Bread Fruit is all about. While part of the urban downtown atmosphere, they serve authentic Jamaican cuisine using the finest herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Popular menu item: Pop Cho and Sweet Ginger

  • Quick fact: They serve Arizona wines and house a rum bar.

  • Phone: (602) 267-1266

  • Website: (vegan friendly)

Nourish 123

Comfort food and healthy food might not usually be lumped together, but at Nourish they cook it up everyday. Almost everything on their menu is vegetarian, vegan, egg-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and soy-free to provide what they call a healthy twist on comfort food.

  • Popular menu item: The Optima

  • Quick fact: They offer customized meal plans.

  • Phone: (480) 684-2233

  • Website:

True Food Kitchen

They keep it simple at True Food Kitchen by using seasonal, sustainable ingredients. They take an open kitchen concept to a new level where the chefs are preparing your dinner either right next to you or just across the room, no walls in-between.

  • Popular menu item: Spaghetti Squash Casserole

  • Quick fact: The have another location on Fashion Island in Newport, CA.

  • Phone: (602) 774-3488

  • Website:


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Back to Eden Bakery and Boutique

Back to Eden’s love for animals and for the planet resulted in a bakery that leaves animals where they belong, in nature. Along with coffee their bakery serves cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, tarts, pies, and sweet breads. They also offer Italian sodas, soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, and sundaes. Vegan or bust: that was their motto.

  • Popular menu item: Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

  • Quick fact: They also sell an array of gifts including lip balms, mugs, bowls, and more!

  • Phone: (503) 477-5022

  • Website:


Portobello Vegan Trattoria is all vegan fare inspired by the traditional cuisines of Italy, Spain, and France. They use organic and local produce while incorporating fine vegan cheeses and top notch breads.

  • Popular menu item: Beet Tartare

  • Quick fact: Their wine list is also vegan, organic, and sulfite-free.

  • Phone: (503) 754-5993

  • Website:

Native Bowl

Healthy fast food, who knew? Native bowl is a food cart in the Portland area serving freshly prepared, made from scratch, vegan food. Their menu alters from time to time so check out their blog for current menu offerings.

  • Popular menu item: Alberta Bowl

  • Quick fact: Native Bowl Chef Julie Hasson has an online cooking show at

  • Phone: (503) 330-7616

  • Website:

Papa G’s

Papa G’s is a vegan organic deli also serving organic beers. Try out their coconut greens and eat from their salad bar to support local farmers. They sell ready made to-go food as well and supply some of their recipes online.

  • Popular menu item: The Curry Bowl

  • Quick fact: Wednesday through Friday are live music days at Papa’ G’s.

  • Phone: (503) 235-0244

  • Website:

Off the Griddle

Off the Griddle is a food cart that makes veggie burgers and other delicious dishes using solar power.

  • Popular menu item: OTG Burger

  • Quick fact: They’ll refill your water bottle for free.

  • Phone: (503) 989-3908

  • Website:

Blossoming Lotus

Blossoming Lotus produces vegan fusion cuisine and their specials change weekly. They use local produce to make dishes that have become local favorites. P.S. Don’t leave without trying their live fudge.

  • Popular menu item: BBQ Tempeh Platter

  • Quick fact: They have legendary fruit juice cocktails.

  • Phone: (503) 228-0048

  • Website:

The Ruby Dragon

If you’re looking for unique food, The Ruby Dragon food cart has something for you. Their cuisine is a mixture of Thai, vegan comfort food, raw food, and Jamaican styles.

  • Popular menu item: Their known for their special curry blend used in many of their dishes.

  • Quick fact: They offer free high speed internet.

  • Phone: (339) 222-1685

  • Website:

Black Sheep Bakery

At Black Sheep Bakery they take pride in their moist muffins that are slightly sweetened and light on the stomach but big in taste. They reject the statement, “This is great for something vegan.” In their own words, they make believers out of skeptics. Don’t want a muffin? Then build a sandwich or enjoy another baked good.

  • Popular menu item: BBG Tofu Sandwich

  • Quick fact: You can find their baked goods at farmer’s markets too.

  • Phone: (503) 517-5762

  • Website:

Oregon Ice/Soups Works

After you enjoy lunch at one of that many food carts in the Portland area, come to Oregon Ice for a treat. Their vegan-friendly ice cream has been called generous, refreshing, and just overall tasty.

  • Popular menu item: Vanilla Coconut

  • Quick fact: During winter, they specialize in hot soups which they make from scratch.

  • Find them at : 3221 SE Division, D Street Noshery

Sweet Pea Bakery

Sweet Pea started as a hobby and resulted in a retail store that now also serves soups, sandwiches, bagels, and breads that are homemade daily. All of their baked goods are 100% vegan.

  • Popular menu item: Charlie Brown Bars

  • Quick fact: Saturday is doughnut day!

  • Phone: (503) 477-5916

Laughing Planet Café

Burritos, bowls, soups, and salads are not laughing matters at Laughing Planet, especially the burritos. Their food is wholesome, sustainable, and unprocessed but read their creation myth under their “About Us” section if you need a little chuckle.

  • Popular menu item: The Holy Mole

  • Quick fact: Laughing Planet opened their doors exactly 100 years after the star constellation “Burrito Majora” was discovered.

  • Phone: (503) 505-5020

  • Website: (Vegan Friendly)

Vita Café

Their fare is solely vegan and vegetarian using either free range, all natural, hormone-free meats and eggs or none at all. Located in the Alberta art district, they have a full bar that serves organic wines and beers.

  • Popular menu item: Chicken fried steak

  • Quick fact: They donate 1% of their sales to local social and environmental groups.

  • Phone: (503) 335-8233

  • Website:

Chaos Café

Whatever is not vegan is easily veganized at Chaos Café. They proved a funky and casual environment where you can enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner. This includes breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, sandwiches, tofu and more. Read their profile for operating hours.

  • Popular menu item: Delish Vegan Reuben

  • Quick fact: They recently re opened what they call The Parlour where they host live music.

  • Phone: (503) 546-8112

  • Website:

Hungry Tiger

They have a new full vegan menu and Wednesday is dollar corn dog day. What sounds better? Maybe live music on Fridays and Saturdays or 5$ Sloppy Joe Sundays.

  • Popular menu item: The Vegan Mac and Cheese

  • Quick fact: Breakfast is served all day on Sundays.

  • Phone: (503) 238-4321

  • Website:

Red and Black Café

Red and Black Café is worker run and worker owned in order to demonstrate non-hierarchal business practices. These workers collectively manage the Red and Black business. They use organic, local, and seasonal ingredients whenever they find it possible.

  • Popular menu item: Tempeh Reuben

  • Quick fact: They often host events and shows so check out their policy page.

  • Phone: (503) 231-3899

  • Website:

Portland Smoothie Company

For owner of this smoothie food cart, Jennifer, all it took was traveling to Hawaii and Mexico to figure out that she wanted to sell tasty smoothies and wholesome juices. All her recipes are dairy-free and contain no secret ingredients.

  • Popular menu item: Blueberry, Hemp protein, and soy milk

  • Quick fact: Soups are also served during winter months.

  • Find them at: 454 SW 3rd Ave

  • Website:

Treat Machine

This food cart, food vespa really, specializes in vegan tacos. They contain no processed foods, no animal products, and not even fake meat. Every taco includes black beans, tomato, red onion, and cilantro on a handmade corn tortilla.

  • Popular menu item: The tacos of course!

  • Quick fact: They're famous for their sauces.

  • Phone: (503) 308-8851

  • Website:

Bye and Bye

The Bye and Bye is a vegan lounge with a little bit of a hipster scene. It’s the perfect compromise for bar food lovers and vegan devotees.

  • Popular menu item: The Weeping Tiger Sandwich

  • Quick fact: Their drinks are served in mason jars!

  • Phone: (503) 281-0537

  • Website:

Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro

Sweet Lemon’s cuisine is a fusion of American and Asian food. Every dish is free of meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and MSG. Organic ingredients are a priority whenever possible.

  • Popular menu item: Noble Noodles

  • Quick fact: Cakes seem to be in their near future, so check back to see when their sweets come out.

  • Phone: (503) 617-1419

  • Website:

The Fixin’ To

A Portland bar with southern soul. Intrigued? Their menu items include meatloaf and Frito Pie.

  • Popular menu item: Chicken Dumplings

  • Quick fact: Their open seven days week starting at 2PM.

  • Phone: (503) 477-4995

  • Website:

Proper Eats

Proper Eats is grocer meets café that serves organic, vegan, and vegetarian goods. They stay open late for community gatherings where beer and wine are served. Their menu also caters to gluten-free and soy-free diets.

  • Popular menu item: Tempeh Tacos

  • Quick fact: They feature original artwork from local artists and host live music shows.

  • Phone: (503) 445-2007

  • Website:

San Diego

Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Evolution Fast Food

Drive thru or eat in but rest assured it’s no McDonald’s. They serve 100% vegan, plant based, and cholesterol free burgers, fries, sandwiches and wraps. They cater, so check out their party platters.

  • Popular menu item: Mushroom Swiss Burger

  • Quick fact: They used to be named Nature’s Express.

  • Phone: (619) 550-1818

  • Website:

Peace Pies

This marketplace is totally raw, vegan, gluten-free and organic. Like a true vegan establishment, their menu evolves with the seasons and is based on what is available.

  • Popular menu item: Mango Curry

  • Quick fact: Check them out at The Hillcrest farmer’s market.

  • Phone: (619) 223-2880

  • Website:

Stephanie’s Bakery

At Stephanie’s they are known for their cheesecakes, strudels, cookies, scones and brownies but don’t underestimate their tasty lunch options including vegan pizza. Nothing is bleached, processed, or hydrogenated and trans fats are a no-no at Stephanie’s Bakery.

  • Popular menu item: Strawberry Strudels

  • Quick fact: They do wedding cakes!

  • Phone: (619) 221-0285

  • Website:

Lean and Green

Lean and Green serves organic gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This includes bowls, wraps, sandwiches, salads, smoothies and shakes. For breakfast, try their hearty oatmeal.

  • Popular menu item: Acai Bowl

  • Quick fact: You can build your own salad or wrap.

  • Phone: (858) 459-5326

  • Website:


At Veg-N-Out, unrefined sugars, olive oil, and sea salt are a part of their kitchen philosophy to cook with your health in mind. They cater to your health and to your dinner parties.

  • Popular menu item: Their variety of veggie burgers

  • Quick fact: They only cook with stainless steel equipment.

  • Phone: (619) 546-8411

  • Website:


Pokez is a Mexican restaurant that gives you the option to have your meal made vegan or vegetarian. Either way, chips and homemade salsa are complimentary.

  • Popular menu item: The Tofu Burrito

  • Quick fact: They cook with vegetable oil, no lard, no artificial coloring, and no MSG.

  • Phone: (619) 702-7160

  • Website:

The Vegan Van

It’s pretty simple. The Vegan Van delivers their vegan cuisine on call by text or phone call. There isn’t a big selection but it’s completely vegan and tasty.

  • Popular menu item: The Island

  • Quick fact: They’ll give you a free American Apparel style t-shirt with $40 purchase.

  • Phone: (619) 318-7313

  • Website:


Spread is nouveau comfort food, all organic, vegan and committed to locally produced ingredients. They often pick them out of the ground themselves.

  • Popular menu item: Macadamia Rose Pesto Grits, but their menu changes daily

  • Quick fact: They scour farmer’s markets for their ingredients.

  • Phone: (619) 543-0406

  • Website:


Their open for brunch and dinner and as they say, “in the flavor business.” Their food is culturally diverse inspired by many different traditional cuisines. Everything on the vegetarian menu can be made vegan.

  • Popular menu item: Vegan Steak and Bone Marrow

  • Quick fact: Every six months they feature a new artist. Whether it be painters, photographers, or sculptures they support art of all mediums.

  • Phone: (619) 255-0616

  • Website:

Greenery Raw Cade

At Greenery their food is handcrafted into raw, vegan cuisine that is considered an art. They do not offer wait service but they sell ready-made lunch creations and dinner is available to order.

  • Popular menu item: The vegetable curry

  • Quick fact: They also sell some of the best raw food supplements available.

  • Phone: (760) 479-0996

  • Website: (Encintas)

San Francisco

Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Millennium

Millennium’s healthy cuisine is inspired by numerous cultures and is totally animal free.

  • Popular menu item: Black Bean Torte

  • Quick fact: They are a formal restaurant that is comfortable with a casual dining dress code.

  • Phone: (415) 345-3900

  • Website:

Herbivore, The Earthly Grill

Herbivore offers international, vegan cuisine that is all plant based. Word on the street is their German Chocolate Cake is to die for.

  • Popular menu item: Lentil Loaf

  • Quick fact: Breakfast is served at all locations until two pm.

  • Phone: (415) 885-7133

  • Website:


Their name appropriately thanks all mothers, including mother earth, for their devotion to nurturing us. Their menu evolves according to what is in season at its freshest state while also celebrating rich, traditional Mexican cuisine. They value their multicultural community.

  • Popular menu item: Tamal del Dia

  • Quick fact: They partner with individuals and organizations committed to peace and sustainability, working to create a new world.

  • Phone: (415) 683-1346

  • Website:


Cha-ya’s kitchen philosophy is inspired by Zen cooking methods and they specialize in vegan Japanese food.

  • Popular menu item: Taki-sui

  • Quick fact: Cash only!

  • Phone: (415) 252-7825

  • Website:

No Worries

At No Worries Chef Jay-Ar Isagani Pugao took his mothers traditional cooking to a new level by altering them to support the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. It might be the only restaurant serving Filipino vegan cuisine.

  • Popular menu item: Pancit

  • Quick fact: You can dine in or book No Worries to cater your next event.

  • Phone: (510) 444-4466

  • Website:


Flacos started at a Berkley Farmer’s Market back in 2001. They now have three Flacos locations serving the same vegan Mexican food that caught the eyes of skeptics back then. Everything is vegan, GMO-free, and still Mexican.

  • Popular menu item: The Taquitos

  • Quick fact: Tortillas are homemade and handmade!

  • Phone: (510) 981-8081

  • Website: :


This is the organic sausage joint. They serve vegan dogs and sausages made from non-GMO soy, organic condiments, and offer gluten-free corn tortillas or organic buns.  They steer clear of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and all that other artificial junk.

  • Popular menu item: The tater tots

  • Quick fact: Cash only!

  • Phone: (415) 665-8888

  • Website:


Saha’s cuisine is quite diverse. They call it a unique blend of Yemenese Arabic and California cuisine with a little taste of French cuisine for an extra kick. There are many vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. After all, the word “Saha” translates: “to good health.”

  • Popular menu item: Zahara

  • Quick fact: They were voted #2 for fine dining by City’s Best.

  • Phone: (415) 345-9547

  • Website:


Judahlicious started with the idea of a smoothie bar and they now serve live foods and hot vegan dishes. Everything from their produce to the spices is local, organic, and fresh!

  • Popular menu item: Acai Bowl

  • Quick fact: Starbucks was interested in taking their spot. With a lot of community activism and support they were denied the move in and Judahlicious remained.

  • Phone: (415) 665-8423

  • Website:

Special Request

What was the special request? Gluten-free desserts! That began Vanessa's, the founder, quest to create delicious desserts that remained gluten-free. After further research and a lot of experimentation Vanessa now provides gluten-free, vegan desserts at special request. You request it, chances are they can make it!

  • Popular menu item: Mocha Storm

  • Quick fact: The team needs 32 hours notice to fill your order.

  • Make a special request at:

  • Website:

Café Gratitide

Café Gratitude is so committed to serving organic, vegan food that they have their own farm! It provides to their many locations in the California area and assures that all dishes are created with care for you and for the earth.

  • Popular menu item: Tamal Plate

  • Quick fact: Among other events, they host a mini astrology readings on Monday mornings. Check out their calendar!

  • Phone: (415) 824-4652

  • Website: :

Donna’s Tamales

Donna’s Tamales is a family owned business providing vegan and vegetarian Tamales and other meal choices to many vendors. Check out Donna’s website to see where you can snag a taste.

  • Popular menu item: Sweet Corn Roasted Chile Tamale, Butternut Squash Tamale

  • Quick fact: Find Donna at farmer’s market in the area too!


Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.Sutra

Sutra offers solely a prix-fixe menu in order to avoid stocking and wasting food. Since they base their offerings on what the seasons provide their menu is always being re-inspired. They often pick produce from their own garden assuring that it is fresh and organic all the way to your plate.

  • Popular menu item: Mung Bean Crepes

  • Quick fact: They also own Sutra Health and Wellness Center.

  • Phone: (206) 547-1348

  • Website:


At Mighty-o Donuts bakers arrive before most of the city is awake to bake and package all-organic donuts. Baristas arrive just as early to serve morning coffee fixes and sweet tooth trends. Everything is organic and free of animal products.

  • Popular menu item: French Toast Donuts

  • Quick fact: Their coffee is fair trade and local.

  • Phone: (206) 547-0335

  • Website:

Pizza Pi

At Pizza Pi they create only vegan pizzas providing an array of gluten-free choices. Don’t like marinara sauce? Try their garlic sauce!

  • Popular menu item: Sunny Day

  • Quick fact: They also have desserts including banana splits, cookie pizzas, and pie pockets.

  • Phone: (206) 343-1415

  • Website: http: //

Chaco Canyon

A unique southwest décor and cozy vibe make for a great dinning experience. Chaco Canyon offers raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and organic meals. They also support other local causes that are a part of the sustainable community.

  • Popular menu item: The Artichoke Melt

  • Quick fact: They recycle more than 90% of their waste.

  • Phone: (206) 522-6966

  • Website:

Cyber Dogs

At this neighborhood café you can surf the net, listen to diverse music, and watch foreign films. Their menu is comprised of gourmet vegetarian hot dogs and an assortment of beverages and coffee drinks.

  • Popular menu item: The Mama Tatiana

  • Quick fact: The décor is just as eclectic as the music consisting of random pictures and gadgets that create a chaotic, futuristic feel.

  • Phone: (206) 405-3647

  • Website:

Hillside Quickie

NPR called Hillside Quickie’s food, “sandwiches that say Seattle.” There are a few different branches, all serving burgers, sandwiches, subs, soups, and sometimes breakfast!

  • Popular menu item: Mac and Yease

  • Quick fact: They cater!

  • Phone: (206) 632-3037

  • Website:

Plum Bistro

Located in Capitol Hill, Plum Bistro serves plant-based American cuisine for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

  • Popular menu item: Mama Africa Salad

  • Quick fact: Located in the heart of Capitol Hill!

  • Phone: (206) 838-5333

  • Website:


Air hockey? A photobooth? Pinball? This plus 100% vegan cuisine, shuffleboard, and live music make for a unique atmosphere that is open late and full of entertainment.

  • Popular menu item: Veggie Reuben

  • Quick fact: You can order for take-out.

  • Phone: (206) 838-5333

  • Website:

Skydottier Epic Cookies

Skydottier Epic Cookies make handmade cookies from local ingredients that are vegan and gluten-free. Their website will list the copious vendors that distribute their conscious creations.

  • Poplar menu item: Old School Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Quick fact: You can order online at

  • Phone: (206) 265-3195

  • Website:

Georgetown Liquor Company

"Strong enough for a carnivore, made for a herbivore.” That’s the motto at Gorgetown Liquor Company. They are a laid back vegetarian pub with retro arcade games on their floor and cool art on their walls.

  • Popular menu item: Picard

  • Quick fact: They have techno juke box!

  • Phone: (206) 763-6764

  • Website:

Wayward Vegan Café

Located in the university district, this vegan café serves breakfast and lunch all day!

  • Popular menu item: Spicy Mexican Tofu Scramble

  • Quick fact: They have weekly specials, so keep checking in.

  • Phone: (206) 524-0204

  • Website:

Café Flora

Before it was Café Flora, it was a laundromat. It took a year of planning but the result is a vegetarian restaurant that utilizes global, sustainable, and local ingredients.

  • Popular menu item: Portobello Wellington

  • Quick fact: They have a cookbook: Café Flora Cookbook.

  • Phone: (206) 325-9100

  • Website:

Washington DC

Looking for a great vegan restaurant? These are the top vegan bistros, bakeries, cafes and diners in major U.S cities.

Everlastinglife Café

This is a dining oasis ready to give you gourmet treatment! They use rare exotic ingredients to create the most innovative vegan, raw dishes that they can.

  • Popular menu item: Spinach Salad

  • Quick fact: They offer nutritional and dietary consulting!

  • Phone: (202) 232-1700

  • Website:

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats. That’s all you need to know about this vegan bakery to know that they wont let you down. Their eats are just as good as their sweets!

  • Popular menu item: Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Quick fact: They serve hot chocolate!

  • Phone: (202) 299-9700

  • Website:

The organic Falafel Stand

Native to Iseral, Yaron Semititsky founded this stand to make up for the lack of healthy food that still tasted great. Plus, he gets to show off his organic hummus, a specialty of his. He also serves sandwiches and Falafel.

  • Popular menu item: Falafel Platter

  • Quick fact: The stand is usually closed in the winter.

  • Phone: (301) 512-7535

  • Website:

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