Pop Rockets

A patriotic candy explosion

These bottle rockets made of candy are a kid-friendly, edible craft that will be a BLAST this Fourth of July.

Taste the explosion on July Fourth with these candy bottle rockets. Just fill drinking straws with Pop Rocks, stack patriotic-colored Life Savers and add some cone-shaped Airhead candies on top. KABOOM! A clever treat that's fun and sweet to eat.

Candy poppin' bottle rockets for the Fourth of July

(Image: 1_Ingredients)


  • Red, white or blue straws (Make sure they're big enough to fill with Pop Rocks and that the holes of your Life Savers fit snugly around the straws.)
  • Pop Rocks
  • Red, white and blue Life Savers (Gummies or regular)
  • Red and blue Airhead candies



Prepare Airheads

Cut Airhead candies into 2-1/2-inch strips and twist into cone shapes. Trim bottom edges even with a pair of scissors.

(Image: 2_Make rocket cones with Airhead candies)


Fill straws with Pop Rocks

Poke small pieces of a Life Savers Gummies into the bottoms of the straws to keep the Pop Rocks from spilling out. Using a small funnel or paper cone, fill straws with Pop Rocks.

(Image: 3_Fill straw with Pop Rocks)

"Cork" the straw with a Life Savers Gummies so that the Pop Rocks don't spill out.

(Image: 4_Poke gummy Lifesaver in bottom of straw)


Thread Life Savers onto straw

Stack assorted red, white and blue Life Savers on straws. (I used red and blue Life Savers Gummies and white wintergreen Life Savers for mine.)

(Stack Lifesavers on straws)


Add the finishing touch

Add cone-shaped Airhead candies on top, resting the cones on the tips of the straws.

Add cone tops

To display your candy bottle rockets, insert them into a small bucket or cup filled with sugar.

Pop Rockets

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Hercamer August 21, 2013 | 7:49 PM

Anyone else think of a males penis when they see this? how inappropriate for children's treats and for the previous commenter Trish Butler, it is spelled inexpensive.

Trish Butler June 30, 2013 | 7:03 PM

These are great and enexpensive, 2 of my favorite thing. Thank you for your time and talent.

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