21 Great
grilling gadgets

Summertime is the perfect time to host a backyard barbecue.
Whether it is simply a family affair or you've invited a crowd,
here are our favorite backyard barbecue finds!

Prep perfectly

Prep perfectly


Grilling Glove

Ditch the bulky oven mit and opt for a form-fitted grilling glove to protect your hands and forearms while grilling. (Crate and Barrel, $16)


Flexible Grilling Skewers

These flexible skewers bend enough to fit in a bag or bowl which can help streamline your prep when grilling! (Williams-Sonoma, $15)


Double Patty Burger Press

Using a burger press is the best way to ensure your burgers cook evenly, and this double patty burger press allows you to get it done in half the time. (Williams-Sonoma, $30)


Branding iron

For those who are truly proud of what they barbecue, this personalized monogramed branding iron is a must-have in the grilling tool kit. (BBQ Fans, $40)


Long Handle Salt and Pepper Shaker

Season your meat without singeing a single arm hair with this long handle salt and pepper shaker. (All Things BBQ, $15)


Marinade Turbocharger

These sharp needles in this marinade turbocharger help boost flavor and shorten your marinade time. (All Things BBQ, $25)


Grill tools set

A grill tools set is a must-have for any cook, but this monogrammed grill tools set with storage case is a stylish, personalized and well-crafted option. (Williams-Sonoma, $115)

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