Barrel aged condiments
One of the hottest culinary trends!

Barrel-Aged Condiments

The culinary world is a fan of aged items: dry-aged meats and aged cheeses are two that quickly come to mind. Aged items are carefully produced and cared for, and the results tend to be mind-blowing and out-of-this world flavorful. 2013 is the year that aged condiments become a sensation!

Trends come and go, but we're thinking the trend of barrel-aged condiments is finally here to stay. The most beloved barrel-aged condiment that's not new to anyone is balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. But did you know there's an array of condiments in the market that are aged in a variety of wooden barrels, typically bourbon, that are ready to tingle your taste buds?

Soaking in these barrels, the liquid condiments readily absorb the flavor and aromas of the smoked wood barrels that were previously used for a variety of libations: bourbon, tequila, and rum are some of the most common.

Hot sauce

It's been around for decades, and it's getting a makeover by being aged in bourbon barrels. Chefs all over the nation are small batching their sauces and letting them age. Dressing their classic wings and served alongside their dishes, these sauces are starting to get a following all of their own. Maybe it's time for Sriracha to step down from its spicy pedestal and let the aged condiments take its place?

Maple syrup

Imagine a maple syrup that's not all sweet, but finishes with a hint of rye? That's what Langdon Wood offers. Crafted in small batches in Washington, D.C., with maple syrup from Vermont, this has to be added to your "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) menu! This syrup would not only be great over pancakes or waffles, but also used as a marinade or glaze for pork, chicken or fish.

Fish sauce

Sure, we all know how strong fish sauce is. It's so strong at times, that the smell will make your dinner guests doubt that you have any cooking skills. But fish sauce adds so much depth to dishes and sauces, that it's well worth the funky aroma. Once you taste your creations, you realize why you needed fish sauce. Blis Barrel Aged Fish Sauce is made using Red Boat fish sauce and aged for seven months, making this a sweet and smooth fish sauce unlike any other! Used in marinades, stir-fry sauces, salad dressing or as a simple dipping sauce, fish sauce will bring a burst of flavor to any dish.

Bourbon sugar

This is one condiment for those with a sweet tooth. 240Sweet is known best for its marshmallows, but they also age demerara sugar with Tahitian vanilla beans in bourbon barrels. This is a great addition to your coffee or tea as well as perfect sprinkled over cookies, cakes and brownies before baking!

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