A Dark Twist On A Classic Treat

Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters this weekend, putting a wicked spin on a classic fairy tale. Bring your guests over to the dark side with just a taste of this poison apple party dip. This recipe may seem dangerous, but after just one bite you won't be able to resist a double dip.

Poison Apple Party Dip


  • 2 large apples
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Optional items to make it look like a poisonous, shimmering, fairy-tale apple:

  • Green food coloring
  • 1 egg white
  • Red sanding sugar
  • 1 midgee-sized Tootsie Roll
  • 1 green gummi slice

To make the "poisonous" dip:

Mix cream cheese on medium speed until creamy. Add brown sugar, honey and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Add green food coloring (optional).

To make the shimmering, fairy-tale apple:

Cut off the top quarter of the apple. Using a melon baller, carefully hollow out the inside of the top and bottom.

Whisk one egg white in a bowl and brush it onto the surface of the top and bottom apple pieces.
Roll the apple pieces in red sanding sugar to coat.

To make the apple stem:

Roll a Tootsie Roll between your hands to soften and elongate it.

Roll it around a toothpick and shape it like an apple stem, leaving the bottom 1/2-inch for inserting into the apple top.

Insert another toothpick into the green gummi slice, leaving 1/2-inch for inserting into the apple top. Stick both pieces into the top of the apple.

Allow them to dry on a wire baking rack.

When the apple surfaces are dry, fill the hollow apple bottom with the "poisonous" dip.

Slice up the other apple for dipping.

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Comments on "Poison apple party dip recipe"

JC September 20, 2013 | 9:55 PM

Is this something you could make the night before & just not put the dip in the apple till just before serving?

Courtney June 05, 2012 | 1:42 PM

Such a fun and intersting idea! I am totally going to try this out next time I host a get-together.

Erica June 05, 2012 | 9:47 AM

What an interesting idea! I love the way the apple is used as a bowl. I wouldn't mind eating it afterward! Ha!

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