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Gourmet Gifts

Whether your dad considers himself a gourmand or your husband is the family chef, here are our delicious Father's Day picks for the food-loving men in your life.

Fanatics NFL Pro Toaster ($40)

Fanatics NFL Pro toaster ($40)

Being able to toast bread doesn't require the skills of a professionally-trained chef, but being able to serve toast with your favorite NFL team's emblem is nothing short of gourmet — or at least that's what Dad can tell his football-loving buddies. A Fanatics NFL toaster brands bread with a team logo, has seven separate timing settings and sports reheat, frozen and quick-stop functions.

Gevalia Kaffe Coffee Carry All ($60)

Gevalia Kaffe Coffee Carry All ($60)

When Dad takes his coffee experiences seriously, make sure he's never disappointed on those days he's on the go. Gevalia's Coffee Carry All gives him everything he needs to savor a delicious cup of Joe. In addition to a stylish case, this gift set includes a bullet thermos for hot or iced coffee, two stainless steel mugs, a creamer with a lid, and two spoons.

Nudo's Aglio, Olio, Pepperoncino Gift Set ($22)

Nudo's Aglio, Olio, Pepperoncino Gift Set ($22)

For the father who loves the flavors of Italia and spending time in the kitchen, the Nudo gift set will give him the ingredients he needs for a delectable evening of comfort food cooking. This gourmet Father's Day gift comes with a tin of Nudo's olive oil (stone-ground with fresh Italian garlic), a box of organic spaghetti, dried Calabrian chilies, a recipe card featuring a classic Italian dish, and a beautifully-designed reusable Nudo spaghetti tin. You'll want to invite yourself over for dinner to help him taste-test this gift.

T-Fal Family Pro Fryer ($45)

T-Fal Family Pro Fryer ($45)

Does Pops prefer his food crispy, delicious and deep-fried? Then sideline those unwelcome suggestions he should get a juicer and give him what he really wants. The T-Fal Family Pro Fryer makes deep-frying easy, flavorful and fun. This sleek, stainless steel fryer can hold up to 2.6 pounds of food as well as three liters of oil. With this large capacity, this fryer is ideal for cooking family meals or entertaining guests or large groups of people. Better than a skillet full of hot oil, the T-Fal fryer is leakproof, includes a cool-touch handle, and a viewing lid so Dad will never overfry his doughnuts, chicken or veggies. As a big bonus, all parts (except the heating element) are dishwasher-safe.

Mocubo Modular Bamboo Cutting Board ($40)

Mocubo modular bamboo cutting board ($40)

A bamboo cutting board is perfect for the dad with an eco-conscience. The Mocubo bamboo cutting board with three prep drawers underneath is perfect for the dad who likes to slice, dice and organize like a master chef. The modular cutting board has rubber feet to keep the board steady while chopping and the three prep drawers slide in and out to keep ingredients separate until Dad is ready to cook.

Jenkins Jellies The Original Sin Gift Basket ($38)

Jenkins Jellies the Original Sin gift basket ($38)

Give the gift of yummy, sweet, tongue-searing, endorphin-boosting heat with Jenkins Jellies. The Original Sin gift basket will fire up Dad's cooking with Hell Fire Pepper Jelly, Passion Fire Pepper Jelly and Fiery Fig Pepper Jelly, all made with organic, garden-fresh ingredients. Dad can slather jellies on his favorite bread, spoon them over juicy meats and poultry or melt them for drizzling over ice cream.

Coyote Oaties I Love You crate of gourmet cookies ($43)

Even if Dad doesn't dig being in the kitchen, you can scrumptiously gift his sweet tooth. Delight him with a crate of gourmet cookies from Coyote Oaties. All of this cookie company's treats are baked fresh with whole rolled oats and real cream butter but without white sugar, white flour and preservatives. The I Love You Crate delivers a dozen cookies in your dad's favorite flavors. Choose from milk chocolate walnut, white chocolate macadamia nut, dark chocolate cashew, peanut butter dark chocolate cashew, raisin walnut, nut-free flavors or flavor of the month.

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Coyote Oaties I Love You Crate of Gourmet Cookies ($43)


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Comments on "Father's Day: Gourmet gift guide for Dad"

Tyler June 08, 2012 | 11:04 AM

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the Father’s Day gift ideas in this article definitely take this concept very seriously. I especially love the toaster that brands each piece of bread with your favorite team’s logo. This marvel of modern engineering should really come in handy during Super Bowl parties and other big sports viewing events. Give your dad this present for Father’s Day and you will never be grounded again!

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