The Butter Loving Star May Harbor A Secret

Rumor has it that America's butter and mayo-loving popular chef, Paula Deen, may be hiding a dirty secret, sung to the tune of Type 2 diabetes. Although it's just speculation, many believe her use of high fat ingredients and refined sugar has led to a diagnosis.

Paula Deen

The rumor mill is hot with this story and according to The Daily, this large eating and living queen of butter may come clean with her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes soon -- some even speculate as soon as her upcoming appearance on Oprah's new OWN show, Oprah's Next Chapter. Why all the hiding though, Paula?

The rumors started in April when The National Enquirer and The Daily Mail came out that she did, in fact, receive a diagnosis and was hiding it to protect her credibility. But come on folks, do you blame her? The Southern chef has earned her livelihood whipping up artery blocking recipes like gooey butter cake and deep fried lasagna, all without pointing out obvious health risks to those who were brave enough to eat them. Sure, health advocates and other celebrity chefs have publically criticized her methods, but millions of fans flock to their TV sets to tune in to her Food Network show and have stampeded the doors of her popular restaurant in Savannah, Lady and Sons. Will the fans stop coming if they learn her food gave her a life-threatening disease?

Anthony Bourdain calls Deen, "The most dangerous person to America." >>

Further speculation has transpired due to her focus on non-trans fat heavy activities, like selling flavored lip balms, opening a clothing line and working on two new cookbooks with a new publisher. In addition, she's been working with her son Bobby on his new Cooking Channel series, Not My Mama's Meals, which focuses on healthy makeovers of the rich Southern food he grew up on. Is her recent change in engagements due to a new struggle with diabetes or just another way to add more change to the large Deen pot?

Whether she comes clean soon or not, diabetes itself is no laughing matter. According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 25 billion Americans have this disease and almost 100,000 people die each year from it. However, Type 2 diabetes, the kind Deen is suspected of having, is completely preventable. All you need to do is limit the sticks of butter you use, put away the 10-pound bag of sugar and quit putting so much darn mayonnaise on everything.

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Comments on "Does Paula Deen have diabetes?"

Lindy January 13, 2012 | 6:31 PM

I can't believe the gullibility of most people when it comes to food. Butter is bad, but artificial sweeteners that are laced with cancer causing chemicals are good. Meat is bad, but pesticide laced vegetables are good. Where is the common sense today? People who eat the so called healthy way, maintain an ideal weight and exercise still get diabetes, have heart attacks and strokes. What was once an elderly persons disease, blocked arteries, now happens in those as young as the teen years. Are any of you going to ask yourselves why? Use your head and stop following like sheep. Pesticides, chemicals and preservatives are bad no matter what form they are in and they are in everything you eat and that is what is causing all the health problems we face today.

Ruby January 13, 2012 | 1:22 PM

Sugar and carbs are a problem, yes. Butter is not implicated in diabetes. In fact, low-fat products may do more harm because they tend to have more SUGAR.

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