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Vinny keeps it authentic

Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure is back with a new season full of fun, fights, fist pumps and food. From sitting down for Sunday supper to enjoying a five-course mom-cooked meal, the cast's love for food runs deep -- especially their favorite food, Italian. Vinny Guadagnino explains to SheKnows just how important real Italian food is to him, and why.

Often referred to as the nice guy on Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino is a self-proclaimed "momma's boy," and not ashamed of it. The Staten Island native is often spotted in celebrity magazines with his mom, Paula Guadagnino, at the beach or taking her to a spa. Often homesick for his mom and her Italian cooking, Guadagnino has once again decided it might be time to leave the shore for good. With a mom that cooks authentic Italian food, who could blame him?

Q&A with Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino

SheKnows: What is the cast's favorite meal that your mom makes?

Guadagnino: Fettuccini Alfredo.

SheKnows: And yours?

Guadagnino: Same. Whenever I had a birthday party or a family party she would always make it.

SheKnows: What's better, Italian food or Italian-American food?

Guadagnino: Italian food. My family is born in Sicily so they keep it pretty authentic.

SheKnows: When did you learn to cook?

Guadagnino: I've been cooking for the last three years. From living on my own, I've been trying to remember things my mom has taught me and apply them to the house. I'm not really a great cook, but I work the grill pretty well. She's taught me how to make sauce and when cooking zucchinis how to check the color to see if they're done. When you're cooking steak, make sure that it's rare; you don't want to cook it too much.

SheKnows: Does your mom always make huge meals or just on special occasions?

Guadagnino: Always. Every night of the week. Even right now, I'm like, "Mom, make me some grilled chicken." And there are like three vegetables on the side.

SheKnows: Are Italian girls expected to be good cooks?

Guadagnino: They are definitely expected to know how to cook.

SheKnows: If a girl can't cook, is that a relationship deal-breaker?

Guadagnino: Maybe not for a girlfriend, but I need my wife to know how to cook. Who's going to cook, if not? My mom needs a break; that's the point of getting a wife.

SheKnows: Will your mom write a cookbook?

Guadagnino: We've spoken about it. We're trying to find ways to incorporate her food into the world because she's such an amazing cook.

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