Cutie Clementines
Cuties Clementines

The produce section just got cuter

'Tis the season for Christmas jingles and over eating, but there is another reason to celebrate this time of year and it doesn't have anything to do with Santa. The kid-friendly fruit that everyone loves, Cuties Clementines, have started to make an appearance in produce sections. Cuties were only available to West Coast residents, until now.

Cute fruit

Move over cookies, there is a better, healthier snack making its way into the holiday season. Cuties Clementines are known for their sweet flavor, kid-friendly size and ability to peel easily making them a snack favorite for children and parents alike. Starting this month, everyone from California to New York can celebrate winter's finest fruit. In a season filled with junk food and sweets, these compact fruits make an appearance just in time. Cuties are packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamin C and fiber.

Cuties give back

Cuties has released an interactive website where parents can upload all things cute for a chance to win everything from T-shirts to the grand prize of a $150,000 scholarship for their little cuties. As if that wasn't enough, the sweet snack is partnering with, an organization that helps to fund classroom projects and fulfill unmet needs in schools. For every video uploaded, parents will receive a $10 gift card to to support the classroom project of their choice. Showing off your kids now has an altruistic side to it and could lead to a $5,000 prize that will be donated to schools in need.

Stock up on this healthy snack

A cute and healthy snack that tastes good and gives back sounds like the best gift of all. Cuties are only available from November through May, so stock up now. In a season filled with cold days and dreary skies, these little bursts of sunshine will make you dread the warmer weather when they disappear until next year.

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