Not Enough Schweddy Balls To Go Around

Schweddy Balls arrived with a bang last month, but there's bad news for some people who want a taste. It seems that the ice cream isn't being stocked in all stores. Find out why.


Not enough Schweddy Balls for everyone? Apparently, that's the case. The Associated Press has reported that some people who just want to enjoy a nice scoop of the Schweddy stuff can't find it.

It turns out that many grocery stores are opting not to stock their freezers with Schweddy Balls.

Schweddy Balls is the brainchild of ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's. Named after the old Saturday Night Live skit featuring Alec Baldwin, Schweddy Balls (the ice cream, that is) sounds delish. It's made of fair trade vanilla with a hint of rum that is "loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate balls."

While Ben and Jerry's said they were just having some fun, it was a brilliant marketing move. Schweddy Balls has been generating a buzz for over six weeks now. SNL fans think it's hilarious and consumers report it tastes good.

However, not everyone has gotten such a kick out of the cleverly named ice cream. A group named One Million Moms has made a big fuss about the food named after (Schweddy) balls. While the grocery stores that are passing on the ice cream aren't saying why, perhaps that's the reason.

Still, Schweddy Balls is popular. A Ben & Jerry's spokesperson said that it has been a well-received flavor. However, the company is understanding of those who just don't get it.

"We've heard from lots of folks who are fans of the flavor," a spokesperson told the AP. "Yes, some supermarket chains decided not to carry Schweddy Balls. That is true, possibly because they found the name too irreverent. We respect their decision."

Tell us: Have you been able to get your hands on some Schweddy Balls?

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Comments on "Schweddy Balls ice cream shortage"

Alec September 06, 2012 | 1:00 AM

I'm late to the party. I just watched the skit on youtube and it made me think of the ice cream, and how dissapointed I was not to find it. As a 28 year old who has a beautiful 5 year old daughter, I don't believe that Ben&Jerrys went over the line. I also did 4 years in the Marine Corps, and when your'e surrounded by Grunts everyday for 4 years, the word Balls is the least of your worries. As for Heather, your children are grown, get over it, pull the stick out, and develop a sense of humor. I am also deeply concerned for the mental well being of "Liberal Parent". I was 9 years old 17 years ago, I went to an extremely nice school, in a pretty well off area. I heard worse than "Balls" back then, so I can only imagine what goes on in grade schools these days. Also, you compared a crude and hilarious ice cream to a HATE CRIME. That has to be parent of the year material right there, honestly, you won't let your child watch "inappropriate" television, but you'll spout off racism, and judging by your views you probably snort Xanex, or Zoloft, and then you preach at your children to stay off drugs.

Heather July 21, 2012 | 12:17 PM

I would have liked to have thought a name like "Schweddy Balls" was pretty much beneath Ben & Jerry's. I know it's beneath me. My kids are grown and gone, so I'll buy whatever ice cream - or anything else - I want. But I'm with "liberal mother" and if they were still home I sure as heck wouldn't have it in the fridge. People can argue kids hear worse than that at school and they'd be absolutely right. But,that doesn't mean I have to condone and encourage vulgarity by volunteering to bring it into my home and make sundaes out of it. Unlike "Tammy," (parenting fail) I'm the kind of person who believes you set a good example for your kids. But even with the kids grown and gone I didn't buy it. Aside from the fact that I am not a vulgar, base person, and think society should govern itself in a more civil manner, the mere reference to eating something with a thinly veiled name referring to testicles after a basketball game is pretty revolting. Ben & Jerry's FAIL.

Tammy February 22, 2012 | 6:06 AM

Wow this didn't print all I had to say. Made me stop in the middle. Just to Clarify: Liberal Parent has some underlying racial issues if she can spout off the name she did for an ice cream. She is what is wrong with this world. you and other Psycho moms need to leave the rest of us alone. I don't sensor you so don't feel the need to sensor what I buy or don't buy. I can do that by not buying certain things. How dare you think that the ice cream should be named something else. You have no impeaded upon my rights as an american to buy what ever it is that I like or don't like. You see that is how you keep your home the way you want. Don't buy the stuff. But trust me you nieve parent you, your kid has probably said worse than that at school and heard far worse. SO ONCE AGAIN GET A GRIP!!!!!!

Tammy February 22, 2012 | 5:40 AM

REALLY, REALLY?????? Liberal parent. Your child hears the word "Balls" at school all day long; she also hears much worse. You are the reason there are crazy parents that claim the "What about me syndrome" It isn't always about your children. Your children need to know that there are winners and losers in this world because, when they grow up they won't be able to handle losing and we all do at something sometime. You Liberal Parent need to get a grip. My three children are being raised with your vulgarity as you call it. All children are. I

Shannon January 18, 2012 | 1:56 PM

I haven't seen it yet where I live in the suburbs of Philly. Around here we have Giant grocery stores, among some others. We also have a couple Wegmans. I think it's ridiculous for someone to have an issue with the name of ice-cream. Give me strength. Find another worthy cause to spend your time and energy on.

Annie January 17, 2012 | 1:20 PM

This is going to come as a real shock to some people...but the world is not all about your kids. I wish our local groceries didn't cater to such ego-maniacal mothers. It's ice cream, not Maxim magazine!

Lisa January 17, 2012 | 10:37 AM

If someone can tell me where to find it in Fresno, CA. I've been looking for it since its release date and haven't found it anywhere: Winco, Costco, SaveMart, Von's, Trader Joes, Smart & Final, Fresh and Easy, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aide, FoodMaxx, where the heck can I buy this stuff?

cyanmanta January 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

I like Schweddy Balls, although it's not my favorite flavor. But lately I've been buying it a lot just to spite the control freaks and support two of my favorite companies. That would be 1) Ben & Jerry, and 2) Wegmans, the greatest supermarket chain ever and yet another business that refuses to be bullied by self-important special interests like One Million Moms.

Melanie December 27, 2011 | 6:51 PM

This is to liberal parent. If you are going to get on your soapbox make sure you can spell correctly. Are you serious it's ice cream not the end of the world.

Sylvia December 07, 2011 | 11:53 AM

I think the name is funny and have tried the ice cream. I loved the skits on SNL! However, the ice cream, in my opinion, is not that great. So I bought some for the funny name, tried it and didn't like it.

Jill October 26, 2011 | 4:51 PM

I cannot imagine why people are so upset over this. If people are so concerned about their precious flowers seeing the name 'Schweddy Balls' then they shouldn't buy it for heaven's sake. And to Liberal Parent, I'm fairly certain your 9 year old daughter doesn't do the families grocery shopping, does she, so it's entirely up to you if she ever embibes, isn't it?

Rick October 24, 2011 | 2:05 PM

People need to get a life it's only ice cream. If it is vulgar then don't buy it. The ice cream isn't hurting you or anyone.

Jeff October 21, 2011 | 10:38 PM

I call a ban on any product with word ball in it. This ban is including but not limited to the words: Basketball, moths balls, rum balls, melon balling, cheese balls, popcorn balls and while your at it, add in Football, kickball, Vince Vaughn classic, Dodge ball, Baseball and why not Futbul(since it's close enough). Seriously people, if were talking about banning every suggestive item in a grocery store lets start with the magazine rack, or women with low cut blouses. I'm pretty sure that excessive cleavage and "10 ways to please your man in bed", is much more damaging to my 4yr old son, than a frozen treat with the word balls on on it.

Liberal Parent October 21, 2011 | 5:15 PM

The Saturday Night Live skit is on at 11:00 PM. I don't permit my 9 year old daughter to watch SNL because the humor isn't appropriate for her age. You don't have to be a parent to think that naming a flavor this is in unspeakably poor taste, you just need to have some sense of decency. I'm a lifelong leftist - that's not the issue. I might not agree with "Million Moms" on many things, but this is one of them. What kind of society does this? Who are we? The name isn't funny - it's just vulgar. I never thought the day would come when I have to monitor which ice cream freezer my kids open at the supermarket. I guess if the ONLY goal here is to cause controversy and hope sales go up, Ben and Jerry's will next release "Death to Negroes" chocolate flavor? I always thought (past tense) that Ben and Jerry's was a socially conscious company... I guess they've smashed that illusion pretty well. Anything for a buck, eh? Even putting ual innuendos on kids' favorite food (ice cream)? Gotta say that it's BRYERS for me until this is done.

Gloria October 21, 2011 | 4:19 PM

Things I am thankful for: I love to laugh, I love to laugh at humor that is not appropriate, I love ice cream, and I don't belong to One Million Moms. WTH?

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