Camp The Skinny Way With These Light Recipes!

The crisp fall weather makes camping in long lost forests and mountains an ideal activity for many people. Whether you are running to get away from the paparazzi and rekindle your romance Ashton and Demi style or are escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, camping is a great way to relax in the great outdoors, get some exercise and enjoy the delicacies of outdoor eating. However delicious campfire food is, hot dogs, potato chips and countless s'mores can wreak havoc on your waistline!


Just because you're stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a roaring open fire, mini cooler and rustic pot doesn't mean you can't cook up a delicious and healthy meal. All you need is some creativity! These easy, portable recipes below require only an open flame, a pot and some food! You'll impress your camp mates in no time with your Top Chef worthy skills and meals!

Old fashioned fruit & nut oatmeal

Old fashioned fruit & nut Low Fat oatmeal

Makes 2 one cup servings

Hardware needed: 1 small pot and pot gripper


  • 2 cups old fashioned oats
  • 3 cups of water (or 1-1/2 cup water and 1-1/2 cup milk)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (or maple syrup)
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • Handful of fresh or dried fruit
  • 2 tablespoons of walnuts, pecans or peanuts


    1. Heat fire and adjacent coals. Place pan on coals.
    2. Heat the water (or water and milk) in pot. Be careful to stir if you add milk so you don't burn it.
    3. Once it starts to boil, add the oats, syrup (or honey) and sugar. Allow the mixture to thicken, stir often, add the remaining ingredients and heat all the way through.
    4. Adjust the flavor according to your liking with more or less syrup.
    5. Take off heat and add fruit and nuts!

      Campfire beef Stew

      Campfire Low Fat beef stew

      Makes 6-8 one cup servings

      Hardware needed: 6 quart Dutch oven, camping stove (optional) and a metal pot gripper


      • 1-2 pounds 96% fat-free beef stew meat
      • 1 (14 ounce) can reduced-sodium beef broth
      • 6 potatoes, cut into chunks
      • 1 tablespoon of olive oil, butter
      • 1 cup baby carrots
      • 1 cup celery in 1 inch pieces
      • 1 onion
      • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
      • 1 package beef stew mix
      • 1 package herbed gravy mix, low sodium
      • Salt and pepper, to taste
      • About 1-1/2 cups water


      1. If using a propane stove, light propane tank and heat. If using coals, heat coal bed and light adjacent fire. Place Dutch oven on coals or fire.
      2. Add butter or oil and place meat over it. Add about one cup of water. Cook until beef is tender, about 15-20 minutes. Add potatoes, broth, carrots, celery and onion, and cook until potatoes and carrots are tender. Add spices, salt and pepper and simmer for about ten minutes.
      3. If necessary, add more water and serve!

      Skinny Girl S'Mores

      Skinny Girl Easy S'Mores

      Makes 4 s'mores

      Hardware needed: Long wooden skewers


      • 4 whole wheat (or whole grain) graham crackers
      • 1 bar of special dark, sugar free chocolate (try Hershey's special dark)
      • 4 large marshmallows


        1. Stick a marshmallow on your skewer and place over fire. Cook until melted.
        2. Place marshmallow on top of piece of chocolate and two graham cracker halves. Eat and enjoy!

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            Kendra February 21, 2013 | 2:54 PM

            My fiance and I are going camping in a month!! Thanks for the recipes!

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            The oatmeal looks amazing!! Thanks for all the recipe ideas.

            Peggy October 17, 2011 | 7:20 AM

            Oh my gosh these foods sound so good! I don't even like camping, so I may just "pretend" and make these at home instead =)

            Lindsey@Lindselicious October 16, 2011 | 4:34 PM

            Oooh Skinny girl smores?! Yum I love camping!

            Jen at The Three Little Piglets October 14, 2011 | 7:09 PM

            Yum! Now if only I had a campfire...

            Christine October 13, 2011 | 9:22 PM

            Great post. Love it.

            Jenn @ Baking Jenn's Blog October 13, 2011 | 4:35 PM

            This post really makes me wish I had a fire going in my backyard right now! I really want to try out the campfire banana split. Yummy:)

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