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Known for her Southern charm and cooking, Food Network star Paula Deen is dropping by HGTV Design Star next week to judge the Dream Kitchen Challenge. You may know her best for her many mouthwatering cookbooks and the Food Network show Paula's Home Cooking, but this Southern lady also has a knack for home design, particularly when it comes to comfortable yet stylish furnishings.

Paul Deen - HGTV Design Star

Dream Kitchen Challenge

Paula Deen

Who better than Paula Deen to be a guest judge on HGTV Design Star for the Dream Kitchen Challenge? Deen joins Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip to judge the remaining four finalists as they design kitchens that represent the country's four most popular kitchen layouts and design styles. In addition, David Bromstad will ask each finalist to host a web video that teaches viewers how to make the most of their kitchen design.

Paula Deen's style is all about comfort

Forget the pretentious, look-pretty-but-lack-functionality home style. Deen is all about comfort. On her show, Paula's Home Cooking, she welcomes you into her warm and wonderful kitchen to share her down home meals. With her furniture line, Paula Deen Home, she invites you to sit down, relax, and enjoy yourself and your company.

Deen writes on her home furnishings website, "Inspired by the way I live at my home in Savannah, these pieces are designed to be more than just pretty to look at, but easy to live with, too. So put your feet up and settle in for a while. You're home now."

Tune in to HGTV Design Star

We wonder if her Southern style and affinity for comfort will be a strong influence in her role as guest judge on HGTV Design Star for the Dream Kitchen Challenge. Join us as we sit back and watch the action-packed show on Monday, August 8, 9pm ET/PT.

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Comments on "Paula Deen to judge HGTV's Dream Kitchen Challenge"

Nancy King December 24, 2011 | 7:07 AM

I would love to win a sweepstakes of yours for our kitchen at church. Our church is small and out kitchen is out dated.(like back to the 70's or later) your kitchen is so beautiful and easy to use.

debbie August 08, 2011 | 10:15 PM

Hi, just wanted to say , I love Design Star. However, this season is particularly disturbing for me to watch. Surely the judges have the same footage as the rest of us. Kathy is just an awful contestant and person in general. She is just awful. Why haven't you judges,(that I highly respect,) corrected her terrible,rude, behavior. She is ruining this experience for not only your viewers, but each and every contestant that has the terrible fate of being paired with her. Are you all tolerating her behavior because she is a Black woman or is she related to a producer or something? or are you just blind to what she is doing? I am almost ashamed to watch such maliciousness unchecked. I sure wish Candice was here this season. I have to believe she would have at least brought Kathy's attitude to the forefront. If you can't work with others, you surely cannot be a good designer. The sad thing is, she probably would probably look down her snobbish, designer want to be, nose at you judges, if indeed you ever decided to put her in her place. We shall see just how long you guys keep your head in the sand. By the way, some of the folks you already sent home, have out designed her by a mile. What exactly is the fear of cutting her loose, I wonder?

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