Celebrate Chinese New Year With Chinese Wwine

In honor of Chinese New Year, starting February 3, try celebrating with Chinese wine. You may be surprised to know that China produces red and white wines and is becoming very popular among wine importers and oenophiles. Visit your local wine shop for some delicious and unique wine varieties from China.

Chinese wine

1Dragon Seal Merlot

Great Wall Chateau Sungod Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

With 30 years under its belt, Great Wall Chateau Sungod is also one of the first wineries in China. The Chinese wine market is still fairly new compared to that of France, Italy, and the like, but they are working on perfecting the craft. This particular red is smooth and mellow but has the robust flavor of a traditional cabernet. Pair it with red meats or drink it all on its own.

2Dragon Seal Merlot

With more than 100 years in the wine business, Dragon Seal's Merlot has a dark red color with hints of berry and red fruit. Big, bold flavors go well with the smoothness as it finishes with bits of chocolate and herbs. Pair this wine with bold flavors like hearty pasta dishes and pork.


Great Wall Chateau Sungod reserve Riesling

Another delicious wine from the Great Wall Chateau Sungod winery, this riesling is crisp, bright, and sweet. Compared to traditional rieslings, the Chinese version is fairly dry. Drink this with seafood, especially shellfish.

4Dynasty Sparkling WineChina Dynasty Sparkling Wine

Made from chardonnay and riesling grapes, this sparkling wine is made in the French Champagne technique. Very light and fresh, there are nice fruity undertones as well as a solid full-bodied taste in this bubbly. If you are looking for a festive wine to toast with, this sparkler has all the great qualities.

5China Dynasty Ice wine

Icewine is not a very popular variety, but China Dynasty makes its version fairly well. With weather similar to Canada, a large producer of ice wine, the Tianjin region is the perfect environment to harvest frozen grapes during winter. With a very fresh taste, this unique wine is fruity with a decent concentration of sugar. Although it is slightly more expensive than typical ice wines, this one is worth it for its delicate flavor.

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