How To Turn
Down A Girl Scout

It's Girl Scout cookie season! And while some are rejoicing the arrival of the delectable delights, others (ahem, especially those of us who just started out New Year's diets and are hoping to make it 'til March) are dreading the onslaught of the crumbly sensations. But how do you say no to your best friend's daughter (or worse, your boss's!), or the darling girl next door (who – fingers crossed – will babysit your kids in a few short years…)? So what's a Girl Scout cookie-loving girl to do once those sweets-peddling princesses come knocking? Here are a few Girl Scout cookie scenarios and how to get yourself out of them… without burying yourself in boxes of Thin Mints and Do-si-dos.

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Scenario 3Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies

Your boss has decided to pass around her daughter's Girl Scout cookie sign up sheet. And she'll know exactly who has – and who hasn't – purchased the packaged pleasures. P.S. You're due for a raise.

How to deal

Okay, we hate to say it, but you might just have to bite the bullet on this one and buy a few boxes. Think of it as your good deed for the month (hey, that cookie money goes to a great cause!) and, though your boss would never admit it, it could help you out in the boardroom when bonuses are being passed around.

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Comments on "How to say no to Girl Scout cookies"

Regina February 03, 2011 | 7:45 AM

Fortunately, the girl scout form's first column gives you the option to donate cookie packages to the organization of the troop's choice. I see how close my daughter gets to her goal on her own and then donate the few boxes to put her over the top. They won't delivery the temptation to me but will drop it off at the local fire station for the firemen!

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