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A proper school lunch looks something like this to a kid: chip bag, colorful treat, and something good to drink. There is nary the thought of needed protein, nutrients, and fiber when it comes to children choosing their school lunch preferences. Most wouldn’t even think to consider the unwieldy sugar content, high fructose corn syrup, and unnatural preservatives that can be found in most store bought snacks and drinks.

Girl drinking homemade juice

Kid-friendly beverages

That's why it's so good that there are moms. It's a mom's job to worry about the stuff most children don't even know about. Mom's have the wherewithal to read labels, shop smart, and choose the best options for their beloved little ones. And, moms get to do all that while trying to find the most colorful, kid-friendly lunch snacks and beverages possible.

With a health conscious First Lady in the White House, and a plethora of organic companies cropping up across the nation, it's getting easier to find low-sugar, organic lunch box options.

There are an applause worthy number of products that help moms make smart food choices for their families. However, when purchased for daily school lunches, prepackaged drinks and juices create a lot of waste. They are one of the more expensive additions to daily brown bag fare, yet a lot of kids aren't content with just toting "a reuseable water bottle" to school. They see other kids pull out their shiny, cartoon decorated juice packets with tiny little straws, and somewhere in their little kid minds, they figure they're missing out on the true lunchtime fun. Really, you can't blame them; juice boxes are awfully cool. Those little straws do seem to make school a better place. So, what's a mom to do?

DIY Juice box alternatives

A great alternative to packing expensive, sugary, environmentally unfriendly juice boxes is to make your own flavored juice packets at home, then send them as an accompaniment to your kids' reuseable water bottles. The process is simple, the ingredients easy to find. And, the result is delicious, nutritious, and earth conscious. Go, Mom!

The following recipe for flavored waters can be mixed directly into a single water bottle before school. Its quick, easy to make, and tastes great!

To give your kids a sense of store-bought fun, mix together their favorite Kool-Aid flavor with a couple packets of Stevia, then pour them into an extra-small, plastic zip top bag. (These bags may be purchased in bulk, you'll likely be able to find a package of 100 bags for less that $3 at your local craft store, in the bead aisle.)

Kool Homemade Juice Packets

One serving


  • Kool-Aid
  • Stevia powder
  • Water bottle


  1. Mix together a pinch or two of any flavor Kool-Aid and 1 to 2 packets of Stevia powder.
  2. Add to one water bottle.
  3. Shake and enjoy.

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Comments on "Make your own juice packs"

SuperPsychicSpyChick July 18, 2012 | 7:48 AM

Update: I found a DIY alternative to the space-saving, yet hfcs-filled capri sun & kool aid jammers that I would like to share in case anyone else didn't like the REALLY "phoned-in" water bottle idea: http://www.spencersonline/product/p-justice-league-disflask-3pk/ That's but one (of many places) that sells these things, but this is the best design. Despite what the name suggests, they can be washed and re-used many times before disposing of them. You're welcome lol :.P

SuperPsychicSpyChick July 18, 2012 | 7:12 AM

Your alternative does not address the space-saving advantage that manufactured juice boxes have. Water bottles (even the small ones) take up a lot of space, sometimes even smashing the vegetables and/or sandwich I delicately prepared. Capri Suns, Kool Aid jammers, while they do contain the gross hfcs/cs I try so hard to avoid, slips into lunchboxes and fades into the background like a ninja lol. I'm trying to find a way to get the same effect at home. Your article is of no help unfortunately so I will have to keep looking :.(

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