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Teach a kid to cook, and you'll have to do much less of it. But when time is short, sometimes it's all you can do just to get a fast dinner on the table. Here's a fun way to teach your kids to cook: Let this video game do most of the work.

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Here are the recipes we made and our feedback on the process and results:

Tuesday night

sesame noodlesSesame Noodles

Betsy (the mama): Lots of veggie prep for this recipe, which always seems time consuming. The girls enjoyed it, though. I did help grate the fresh ginger because our microplane is razor sharp, and I wasn't ready to let them use it with a little nub of ginger. The sesame-peanut sauce was tasty!

Bailey, age 14: The sesame noodles tasted great, and they weren't too difficult. It was the first recipe we did on the game, so it took us a while, especially since we didn't look ahead at the recipe before starting it. With this recipe, I learned that hot sauce and peanut butter taste kinda good together.

Mira, age 10: I liked this recipe because it was fun, although it was the first -- and first is not always the easiest. It did take time and patience. Also, we didn't review the whole recipe before we started making it, and that was a mistake! We could have done things in a better order (like, cook the pasta while cutting the vegetables) to make it go faster. But it wasn't hard to make. It just took time and patience. I think I would like to make this recipe again.

asian chicken saladAsian Chicken Salad

Betsy: Making both of these dishes in one night took them awhile. We were really hungry while they were working on this recipe. To help expedite dinner, I grilled the chicken while they prepped the veggies and made the salad dressing. If we hadn't been making this meal as a video game review exercise, we probably wouldn't have made both of these in the same night. Either one worked really well as a standalone entree.

Bailey: The Asian chicken salad was really delicious and tasted better than the sesame noodles. I loved the dressing, and it wasn't super difficult to make. This is probably the only way I like to eat cabbage now. I'm sure we will make this meal again.

Mira: This recipe tasted very good! The chicken went well with the salad. It was not hard to make -- it was mostly cooking chicken and chopping ingredients. I made the dressing by myself.

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Comments on "Teach kids to cook (using a video game!)"

Abby September 08, 2011 | 7:20 PM

Love it!! To the point, articulate, and interesting. Thanks

Shana June 10, 2010 | 1:18 PM

I disagree, Gary. Having a teen daughter myself, I know a video game can make the whole idea much more interesting and exciting for them. You are making presumptions. I think the video game idea is AWESOME, and would love to try it with my kid.

Gary Bartram June 09, 2010 | 6:51 PM

I think the author would not have been so pressed for time if she would have skipped the video games altogether. I think the best part of teaching your kids to cook was to have personal time with them, not reinforce the awesomeness of video games.

Tina Dalasinski June 08, 2010 | 12:37 PM

My daughter would love this game .

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