End The
Kitchen Chaos!

You've got big plans tonight for dinner if only you could find the right pot to make it in. Here are our best tips for organizing your cookware so your pots and pans are always within easy reach.

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Get utensils in order

Bring order to utensils with spring-loaded drawer dividers, like these easy-to-install sorters by Improvements ($20 for two). They'll keep your spoons and spatulas separate from your tongs and timers, so you can grab whatever you need in the heat of the moment. Tiny items, like measuring cups and spoons, won't get lost in the fray, either, when contained in shallow bins. Wooden drawer dividers, $20, Improvements Catalog; 800-642-2112. Drawer liner, $3, and bamboo drawer organizers, $4 to $7, The Container Store; 800-786-7315.

Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc. Originally published: Easy Organizing: Kitchen Cookware

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