Plan The Perfect Party

Who has time to make canapés and polish crystal stemware? Let's keep hosting as easy as possible.
Holiday time calls for drinks, celebrations...and more drinks. Woo your guests with just the right stocked bar for any occasion. Here, tips from party planners and drink specialists (at no extra charge).

Unless you're P. Diddy, the only booze you need for a kick-ass party is vodka, rum, whiskey, wine, and beer. For mixers, make sure to have cranberry juice, club soda, Coke, tonic water, and lots of lemons. Fill pitchers with two premade concoctions like a rum punch or a signature cocktail. Since traditional stemware has gone the way of shoulder pads, serve in Italian-style tumblers. Inexpensive sets are available at places like Crate and Barrel (starting at $1.95 a glass) or Ikea (Svepa sets go for $5.99 a dozen). Oh! And don't forget tools — a corkscrew, muddler, shaker, strainer, and shot glass.

Now, how much to buy?

Rule of thumb: Plan on two drinks per person for the first two hours, one drink per person for each extra hour, say entertaining gurus Karen Page and Dina Cheney. Assume 40% drink beer, 30% use hard liquor, and 30% sip wine.

25 PeopleBeer: 60 bottles
Wine and champagne: 9 bottles
Hard liquor: 3 bottles
Mixers: 12 liters

50 PeopleBeer: 120 bottles
Wine and champagne: 18 bottles
Hard liquor: 6 bottles
Mixers: 24 liters

100 PeopleBeer: 240 bottles
Wine and champagne: 36 bottles
Hard liquor: 11 bottles
Mixers: 48 liters

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I think this is terribly rude! Akin to going thuorgh your trash. A lot can be learned about a person by their trash and recycled materials. How mortifying if you end up in the supermarket with this person, and they call out, Hello Marsha, I know how much you love those bottles of Jama-Mama-Fire-Me-Up-Strawberry-Beet Juice. Come on over and load up. They're on sale! That said, I would also have trouble confronting a person like this. Is there a place you can drop off the materials, rather than leaving them out? All frustration aside, this sounds like a terrific character to write into a book.

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