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Wouldn't it be nice if someone just gave you a pantry list of staples that would make dinner an easy-to-fix endeavor? Good news, Sandra Lee, star of Semi-Homemade Cooking on the Food Network and author of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Money Saving Meals not only shares her basic pantry list for delectable family-friendly dishes, but also her perfect pantry shortcuts that will save you time - and money - in the kitchen.

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Sandra Lee's perfect pantry, refrigerator and freezer list

Canned Food

Dry Pantry

Rice (instant, converted)
Canned diced tomatoes (assorted flavors and types)
Canned artichoke hearts
Canned reduced-sodium chicken broth
Canned reduced-sodium beef broth
Canned reduced-sodium vegetable broth
Canned Mexi-corn
Canned sliced black olives
Canned ham
Canned chicken
Canned shrimp
Canned solid white tuna
Canned skinless, boneless salmon
Condensed tomato soup
Condensed cheese soup
Assorted seasoned bread crumbs
Dried pasta
Jarred pesto
Jarred Alfredo sauce
Jarred roasted red peppers
Extra virgin olive oil
Canola oil
Nonstick cooking spray
Balsamic vinegar
Stir-fry sauce
Soy sauce
Ramen noodle packages
Boxed macaroni and cheese
Soft white bread


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Comments on "Perfect pantry list for quick and easy meals"

Brittany Dierken May 21, 2013 | 9:40 AM

This is a great check list to make sure we are keeping a good variety of foods in our house at all times, and to keep it organized.

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