When it's hotter than bejesus outside and you just can't seem to cool down, ice tea is definitely in order. But when you toss a little booze in your tea, you totally take it from a simple pleasure to a nectar of the gods. In fact, there are some ice tea cocktail recipes that are so damn good, we wouldn't mind a sip or two during the cold winter months.

The beauty of ice tea is in its simplicity, for sure. It has a pretty neutral flavor and takes on herbs and fruit like a champ, and swirling it with the bite of hard alcohol pretty much just sends our favorite ice tea cocktail recipes over the top. Of course, you will want to begin by brushing up on your ice tea-making skills with a few tried-and-true recipes.

These are sure to be your new summertime faves. You're welcome.

1. Bourbon-whiskey ice tea

Image: Something Edible

What I love about this particular take on the bourbon-whiskey ice tea is the method: You use a French press.

2. Spiked raspberry ice tea

Image: The Cookie Rookie

This recipe uses fresh raspberry and is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. Perfect for when the temperatures start to heat up.

3. Sweet tea sangria

Image: Sugar Dish Me

Since this is a sangria, you'll be using wine instead of liquor to make this cocktail boozy. Perfect for a garden party or after-dinner treat.

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4. Lemon-mint ice tea

Image: Domesticate Me

We love the combination of lemon and mint. It's a pairing that can really only be improved by rum, don't you think?

5. Sweet tea-vodka cocktail

Image: Brown Sugar Mama

This cocktail uses a tea-flavored vodka to fulfill the ice tea requirement, and trust us when we say that you'll want to have a bottle on hand this summer. Also, the alternate name for this cocktail is a Mason-Dixon. What's not to love about that?

6. Sweet tea vodka lemonade mojitos

Image: Iowa Girl Eats

This recipe combines pretty much all the best things about summer cocktails and fashions them into a drink you'll want to indulge in long after those warm months draw to a close.

7. Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail

Image: Honey and Birch

"Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail" might just be the most beautiful combination of words in the English language.

8. Lavender-lemonade cocktail

Image: Fit Bottomed Eats

This recipe uses just a hint of tea with a single packet. It's also got lavender in it, which is the perfect summer accompaniment.

Next up: Bourbon-peach sweet tea

Originally published May 2015. Updated July 2017.

9. Bourbon-peach sweet tea

Image: Host the Toast

This recipe might be my favorite on the list. This peachy cocktail will take you to a porch swing in Macon, Georgia no matter where you are.

10. Spiked mango-passion fruit sweet tea

Image: Margaritas in the Rain

This spiked tea recipe has a refreshing island twist that makes it perfect as a summery cocktail.

11. Blueberries-bourbon black tea

Image: SippitySup

This cocktail is totally grown-up; it's sophisticated and light but still gets the job done.

12. Tropical tea

Image: Wine and Glue
The best part of this ice tea cocktail is that you can make it easily in a Keurig. What could be simpler?

13. Chamomile-honey whiskey

Image: So Hungry I Could Blog

I love the juxtaposition of the delicate chamomile flowers against the whiskey. This one's a little less traditional; you'll be using a chamomile tea.

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14. Sweet tea bourbon

Image: Inspired By Charm

Simple. Spiked. Right to the point.

15. Mint and lime sweet tea martini

Image: Five Heart Home

You can't talk about cocktails without including a martini, and this one is perfect.

16. Boozy Thai ice tea

Image: Westend61/Getty Images

This recipe is perfect for early on in the month, when nights are still a little chilly. The heavy cream base makes it well suited for a refreshing treat that won't set your teeth chattering.

17. The classic Long Island

Image: Talia Bunting

The Long Island is technically a cheater tea, since there's no actual ice tea to be found in the recipe. Even so, any home bartender needs to have this recipe in their repertoire. Serve with caution, though, because this "tea" can get you to your happy place a lot quicker than most!