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5 Foods to get you in the mood

Eat your way to bringing the sexy back

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Love is in the air with Valentine's Day coming up. If you're looking for a recipe for romance, look no further than these sexy foods to put you in the mood.

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Stir up those warm and fuzzy feelings this Valentine's Day with these foods that set the mood. Incorporate them into your meal or use them after dinner as enticing form of foreplay. Or, build up the anticipation by focusing on one ingredient each night leading up to Cupid's big day. Here they are, ready for your shopping list.


Lick it seductively off your finger — or off your partner. This sweet, gooey spread is said to increase energy and stamina, something you'll both be needing for your romantic evening to come.


Sure, there's no hard, scientific proof that chocolate is an aphrodisiac — but when so many women claim they'd rather have chocolate than sex, there's got to be something to this notion. Chocolate does contain tryptophan, which is a component of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and a stimulant called phenylelthalamine, which is a chemical released in the brain when we fall in love. Let a square melt slowly on your tongue, or share a molten chocolate cake with your partner and enjoy the liquid sensually oozing out of the soft centre.


You'll never be able to look at a bowl of fruit the same way after this! Toy around playfully with a banana (need we point out its phallic shape?); squeeze the soft flesh of a papaya or avocado and pay close attention to the textures in both your hands and in your mouth. Better yet, feed the fruit to each other (or off each other) to make it part of your foreplay.


Give your libido a lift with perhaps the most popular aphrodisiac food out there: oysters. These bivalves are rich in amino acids that trigger an increase in sex hormones. Plus, there's the obvious slippery, wet aspect of them that makes slurping them down downright sexy.


Order the truffled pasta dish or splurge on some truffles to enjoy at home, as their unique scent can be a turn-on. Their aroma is similar to that of androsterone, the pheromone behind that musky man smell, which has been shown to be sexually arousing for women.

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