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Do you need a cup (or three) of coffee or cocoa to get your day going? Try these easy recipes for the perfect cup.


Dairy-free peppermint hot chocolate

Dairy-free peppermint hot chocolate | Sheknows.com

This hot chocolate is spiced with the flavor of peppermint — and it's dairy-free!

Get the peppermint hot chocolate recipe >>


Homemade cold-brew coffee

Homemade cold-brew coffee | Sheknows.com

Coffee doesn't have to be piping hot to do its job. Now you can make your iced coffee at home!

Get the homemade cold-brewed coffee recipe >>


Pumpkin hot chocolate recipe

Pumpkin hot chocolate recipe | Sheknows.com

Pumpkin and chocolate are always a good combination, and this hot chocolate recipe is no exception. Pour a cup and cozy up.

Get the pumpkin hot chocolate recipe >>


Sweet vanilla almond milk with chai tea ice cubes

Sweet vanilla almond milk with chai tea ice cubes

This unique drink is the perfect accent to any breakfast dish. Vanilla almond milk is actually sweetened by the ice cubes, which are made from spicy chai tea.

Get the sweet vanilla almond milk with chai tea ice cubes recipe >>


Homemade coffee creamers in fall flavors

Homemade coffee creamers | Sheknows.com

Stop spending big bucks on fancy creamers at the supermarket and make your own. They're better on your wallet — and your health.

Get the homemade coffee creamer recipe >>


4 Low-fat homemade coffee drinks

4 low-fat homemade coffee drinks | Sheknows.com

Coffee drinks don't have to be laden with fat and sugar. These low-fat versions taste just as great and won't hurt your waistline.

Get the low-fat coffee drink recipes >>

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