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Tea for every occasion

Tea has been around for ages and is a staple in many different cultures, where drinking tea in social settings has been used as a way of establishing relationships and friendships. Especially in the Far East, drinking tea is regarded as a key to good health, happiness and wisdom. But the huge variety of teas to choose from can be overwhelming, so here is a quick guide to teas for different occasions.

Drinking tea is an important facet of many cultures — it's used to help bring people together socially and for other reasons as well. Finding a tea to suit every occasion can be hard due to the vast variety of teas available. This quick guide can help make finding the perfect tea a little easier.

For breakfast

A nice English breakfast tea can go a long way toward starting your morning off right. Breakfast teas tend to have a bold and robust flavor that goes nicely with milk and sugar. Most breakfast teas consist of a blend of various black teas, and the ones used in English breakfast tea give it its distinctive flavor.

For tea parties

When having friends over for a tea party or afternoon tea, it's best to choose a well-liked tea variety. A good one to have at a party is Earl Grey. Like breakfast teas, Earl Grey is a black tea, and it pairs well with treats typically found at afternoon tea — like scones, shortbread cakes and other sweets.

For a pick-me-up

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White tea is a great "go-to" choice when you need a caffeine boost. White tea is made using immature leaves, and since it is less processed than other types of tea, its caffeine content one of the highest.

A nice green tea can also help you feel more energized, especially when mixed with citrus.

To relax

If you've had a stressful day at the office or just need to relax before bedtime, a nice chamomile tea is perfect. Chamomile is made using the flowers of chamomile plants, and it has a soothing and slightly sedative effect. Lavender tea is another great choice that can help reduce your stress levels and relax your body enough to fall asleep. Sipping a warm cup of tea before bed is a great way to unwind.

For drinking every day

A good mix of a black and green tea is a perfect tea for everyday consumption. The black tea adds a flavorful component to the goodness of the green tea. A good one to try is Tetley Black & Green.

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