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Unfortunately, the holidays only come around once a year. That means those gifts, relatives and — most importantly — memories won't stick around forever, so it's important to capture them while they're still around in one room. Luckily, cameras exist, and they're becoming quicker and easier to use all the time. We live in the perfect time for capturing photos galore! Here's how to capture each aspect of your holiday celebration.


You've spent hours putting up those twinkling lights and perfectly placing that synthetic snow — so now it's time to capture it on (digital) film! When taking photos of decor, frame the shot so the "centerpiece," or the most eye-catching item, is actually to the side of the frame. This gives the photo more visual interest and allows the rest of the decorations to pop. If you have soft white holiday lights hanging, use their light to light your photo — no flash needed!


Buffet-style setups are definitely efficient, but they're not always the most visually appetizing way to serve food. To give your holiday buffet line a bit of visual interest, wrap cardboard boxes in holiday gift wrap and use them to elevate the more beautiful foods like fruit salads, fresh veggies, pies and cakes. Add a few candles into the mix and step back to frame the photo. Crouch down slightly, so the table's line is above your eyes, and then snap a pic.


Holiday cocktails are arguably the most beautiful cocktails of the year. Bright red pops of cranberry juice meet rich, creamy eggnog and gorgeous holiday-themed garnishes. To photograph a drink, adding a garnish is key. Once you make your favorite cocktail, add a sprig of rosemary or a cute gingerbread man to the mix, along with a straw. Crouch down, framing the cocktail with its dynamic garnishes in the opposite corner from the one from which you're taking the photo, and snap! You'll want a lightweight camera that's perfect for traveling over the holidays. The Canon EOS Rebel can capture just the details you need when taking photos of food and drink.


You've finally gotten the family together around the game board, and things are going swimmingly. While everyone is having fun, take a moment to step away and snap a photo. While games are visual, the real subject of the photo is the fun everyone is having. Place the game board in the foreground and make sure to get the faces and smiles of friends and family in the top of the frame, then snap a photo. Now you've captured your subjects (a happy family) and what's making them happy (your favorite game.)

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