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Sorry Grandma, we're changing things up

Casseroles just became the best anytime dish, making breakfast, lunch and dinner easier than ever with some classic choices and kid favorites.


Loaded baked potato and chicken casserole

Bacon lovers unite! A flavor-packed casserole that's as easy to look at as it is to make.

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Mini homemade green bean casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

Grandma's dish made with all-natural ingredients and servings that are just the right size.

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Beef enchilada casserole

Forget going to the Mexican cantina down the street for a spicy dish. This casserole is comfort food and a kick all in one.

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Chicken cordon bleu pasta casserole

A time-saver one-dish meal for those on the go!

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Eggs Benedict casserole

Five ingredients to make one amazing breakfast favorite: Canadian bacon, whole wheat English muffins, eggs and milk.

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Baked spaghetti casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

Spaghetti gets a whole lot healthier with this twist on the Italian favorite.

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Gingersnap sweet potato casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

A holiday classic that will have kids asking for more and more.

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Healthier slow cooker cheeseburger casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

No need to count the calories with this all-American dish. Mac 'n' cheese and lean ground beef — what could be better?

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Taco mac casserole

A dinner shortcut the whole family will love when the weekdays are packed.

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Chili dog casserole

Craving a classic boardwalk favorite but don't live near the ocean? This recipe brings the chili cheese dog to a casserole dish near you.

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Skinny tater tot casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

Who didn't love tater tots as a kid? Now you can bring them to the dinner table in one classic dish!

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Potato bacon casserole

Potatoes and bacon, say no more! This is not your typical breakfast food.

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Cheesy curried chicken and broccoli casserole

This casserole will serve enough for the whole table and become the next house staple.

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Creamy wild rice and chicken casserole

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

This creamy chicken and wild rice casserole is a great Sunday dinner dish!

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Vegetarian shepherd's pie

15 Comfort food casserole recipes

This hearty, warm, stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal replaces the meat with veggie-style grounds, mixed with veggies and topped with mashed potatoes.

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