Doctor Who? How About Doctor Her?

Many Doctor Who fans (called Whovians) are saying it's time for a female to assume the role as the Doctor. Here's a look at some of our top choices!

Doctor Who dream casting

All those modern-girl Whovians know: You always end up with a crush on your first Doctor... and then your second Doctor... and then your third Doctor. Of course, that makes the show a little more fun, right? But isn't it time for a bit of a change? We hate to see Matt Smith go — but love to watch him walk away — yet we're giddy about who will come next on Doctor Who. Many fans are even hoping, as Eleven regenerates into Twelve: Maybe it could be a woman!

Last time the Doctor regenerated, he definitely had a little bit of panic in his voice at the thought of being a woman. Here are some women we think are up to the task.

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The gingers

The last two times he's regenerated, the Doctor has sulked over his lack of ginger-ness. That's why we think Lily Cole, Bonnie Wright and, yes, Alex Kingston would make for the perfect regeneration. Boobs and red hair? Let's see how he handles that.

Doctor Who dream casting

Bonnie Wright

Since the end of Harry Potter, our little Ginny Weasley Potter hasn't been up to very much. Why not give her a shot at playing the Doctor? One thing is for certain: She should already have her head wrapped around the kind of dark and zany happenings on Who, as she witnessed much of the same on Potter. She'll have to overcome Ginny's meekness, though.

Alex Kingston

Yes, we know Kingston has already been on Who as the Doctor's wife. But what if River Song was just constantly interrupting her own timeline? We already know how much the Doctor loves himself: "I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed." Maybe River's birth was all just a dream for Amy?

Lily Cole

Cole is, without a doubt, the perfect candidate for the Doctor... at least as far as her background. Her face will be somewhat familiar — she's even appeared on Who before, as a Siren. But she's still not insanely popular. She's a bit young, but one trip to the Who tag on Tumblr will show you: She is the new Who's audience. Plus, her face is gorgeous but alien.

The quirky

The Doctor is nothing if not quirky and kooky. That's why Helena Bonham Carter continues to come up in talks about who could possibly be the next doctor. Which her, though, are two more girls who have made a name for themselves with their slightly quirky characters: Evanna Lynch and Hannah Murray.

Doctor Who dream casting

Helena Bonham Carter

Could Helena Bonham Carter be any more perfect for the Doctor? She's so incredibly kooky: Remember Bellatrix, from Potter? Not only does she have the airiness of her, but she's also known to wander down the dark side of life and humor. That's certainly a road Who's been traveling down.

Evanna Lynch

Yes, another Potter actor. What can we say? They know how to cast and since then, their cast has been rather unbooked! Lynch played Luna Lovegood, the epitome of an out-of-this-world, smart but somehow air-headed girl. That's literally the female version of the Doctor. She's perfect!

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray probably looks mildly familiar. Murray is currently on Game of Thrones, but before that she was on the show Skins. Her character was usually blissed-out on various mood-altering pills, giving her an almost ethereal vibe. Get her fast-talking and we're on the right track.

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The foreigners

Aside from the Doctor always being a male, another significant part of the Doctor Who casting canon has been to pick actors from Great Britain. Here's the thing: America (and the rest of the world) has some pretty amazing actors and actresses, too. If they're going to break canon by casting a female Doctor, they might as well try out these American beauties, too: Molly Quinn, Heather Matarazzo and Amy Acker.

Doctor Who dream casting

Heather Matarazzo

If Matarazzo looks familiar, it's because you probably grew up thinking of her as the slightly annoying best friend of Princess Mia in Princess Diaries. She's not famous enough for casting to avoid her, but has worked enough for them to get a sense of her Who-ish personality.

Molly Quinn

Yes, that's the daughter from Castle. But she's not as young as she looks or plays. Quinn is actually in her mid-20s, just like Matt Smith. She's yet another actress with awesome skill but not tons of credits. Plus, we hear she's a Star Trek fan! That will go over great.

Amy Acker

Acker already knows her way around fantasy and sci-fi: She's worked on Angel, Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Still, most of her roles have been minor, so she's not exactly a familiar face. Added bonus: The men who run Doctor Who love a pretty girl and Acker is definitely pretty.

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What do you think, Whovians? We've seen tons of talk for Emma Watson, but we left her off. As awesome as it would be to see her as the Doctor, we think she's just too famous to ever be picked. So, what do you think of our choices? Could you swallow Matarazzo's voice every week? Would an upset involving River as the Doctor be interesting or too unbelievable?

Who's your vote for the next Galifreyan?

Editor's note: Alright, alright! I looked up clips on YouTube and saw the Doctor lament over his lack of gingerness. I was so disbelieving, I actually went back and watched the episodes again, too. Eleven's ginger comment was a little vague. However, nearly eight years ago, Ten was definitely bummed by his brown hair. You win. I apologize. (But, seriously, y'all: Be nice!)

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Comments on "Doctor Who dream casting: If the Doctor were a woman"

nyssa December 09, 2013 | 1:28 PM

who is in the box? is it the first , second, third , fourth ,fifth, six ,seventh, eight, ninth, tenth , or eleventh doctor and what is the doctor's real name? you levee me on a terrible hook. I can't wate till the next episode comes out.

Byron October 30, 2013 | 7:30 PM

OMG, I think Helena Bonham Carter would be awesome... I killed Sirius Dalek. I killed Sirius Dalek.

Inanna September 29, 2013 | 8:35 PM

He wants to be a ginger but I think that Helena bonham carter should play the next doctor her and as a campanion jack besides she's a great actress

martin September 07, 2013 | 2:46 PM

A female doctor would be great. And to the person who commented that they would hate a female doctor because they couldn't fancy her, then that person should stop watching doctor who. Us true Whovians don't want your lot - the lot that only watch the show as they fancy the actor. Only watch the show if you're interested in the concept of an alien time traveller who fights aliens.

Michelle August 21, 2013 | 5:30 AM

@ Deirdre ..Have you ever watched Doctor Who? He is disappointed every time he is not ginger..He says "still not ginger" and then looks very disappointed..Now personally I don't want him ginger,female,or and other majore changes,but he wants to be ginger.

Deirdre June 12, 2013 | 7:33 PM

Hrrrrmmm... Jen- I'll have to watch the regenerations, again, as it's been ages. But I've always perceived it as him being glad he wasn't a ginger. (Though, thanks for pointing out that even if I' m wrong, it's a common misinterpretation of those scenenes. :) ) As for Michael: WOAH! The only reason the Doctor is a white male is because that's what he's been so far. Calm down, buddy. Those are some hateful words and we like to keep things respectful around here. Furthermore, is anyone asking for a MLK Jr. role to be played by a white chick? No. There is, however, a rather large chunk of Whovians who'd like to see a lady-Doctor. (Though, for the record: Not a fan! I prefer my doctor stay someone I can swoon over. Judge me if you must.)

Mark June 12, 2013 | 4:16 AM

I promise you this, if those small minority moronic feminist ----- get their way, I'm not watching this show ever again and I make sure my own kids won't watch it, I promise you that, I will not knowledge a female doctor, understood!.... I will tear up my BBC tv license and never watch a single show from the BBC again, they already have very good strong female companions in the show, they do not need to make the doctor a female, god I can imagine it after regenerating into a woman, "I'VE GOT BOOBS!" seriously, it's sickening thought, it's like the comic relief joke turn serious from Rowan Atkinson Doctor Who sketch.

Decova June 10, 2013 | 12:16 AM

The "Doctor Hates Gingers" part threw me off, as that is clearly not the case. Both regenerations thus far included parts where the Doctor expressed his disappointment at NOT being ginger. Might need to double check your facts. And Alex Kingston as the Doctor? Really? I enjoyed the River Song character, but that is just ludicrous as a suggestion. If the incorrect ginger statement wasnt enough to make me question the article writer's DW knowledge, that certainly did it.

Poppy June 09, 2013 | 9:07 PM

Michael although I'm not a fan of having a female Doctor, I am a fan of having a non-white Doctor. If he can change his appearance to anything, and if he's not even human, why not non-white? It's not a "white" role, it's a Time Lord role. It's not bigotry or politicizing to hire a qualified black actor (or actor of other ethnic origin) to play it. If race is beside the point, then why should his changing skin color be an affront? And if it is, then how can you argue that that's not political? That's white politics, my friend.

Poppy June 09, 2013 | 9:02 PM

I hate to say this because I am totally a feminist, but I don't want a female doctor. I also don't think they'll do it. Part of the appeal of the doctor these days is the companion idea. There's a reason why his companions are all generally female, and it would upset the fanbase they already have to shift the paradigm that much. Sure, they could switch it up and have a female Doctor for the male fans to get excited about (yes, I realize that's not the reason people are calling for a female doctor, but let's be honest, that's how it would play out). But they run the risk of losing the attention of some of their current fans. I would still watch, and I might even like her, but the Doctor is so solidly male for me that it would be hard. I remember on ST:TNG when Dr. Crusher had a thing for a symbiotic life form (Odan) and when his host body died and his new host was a female, I was really thrown off. I liked him and I liked her and I got the point, but it was just too weird because I had already identified the character as a male. And I have a transgendered person in my family so I understand the implications of that statement, but the reality is that while I do see my family member as a person aside from their gender, it *does* change the dynamic, and that change is difficult and not automatic, and requires work. It's one thing to do that work for a family member, but I'm not sure people are willing to do the work for a character they're already attached to as one gender. Even though it's been stated that the Doctor can regenerate as a female, and the changing nature of the character is part of the appeal, I think that even though it could legitimately be done and might serve some higher ends, I don't think it will be done, and I honestly admit that I don't *want* it to happen. It would be different if it were merely a job that a new person were filling -- I would definitely want it to be a woman. But we're talking about keeping the illusion that it's the same person. It's hard enough with a new actor, the gender change would be too much. Just my opinion.

R June 09, 2013 | 3:20 PM

As much as I'd love the paradox of river song being the doctor, we've already seen her regenerate from Mels into River. Also in response to Michael, the doctor has mentioned other male time lords regenerating into women. It was a passing comment, so it might not be that common a thing, but still. We also already know that time lords can change skin color. Mels was black and regenerated into river song. I'd like to see him regenerate into a ginger regardless of man or woman.

Shell Germann June 09, 2013 | 10:46 AM

Jen is right, he wanted to be a ginger.

jj June 08, 2013 | 11:46 AM

I agree. You have no idea what you're talking about. The Doctor loves gingers and has admitted to wanting to be one for the past 6 seasons. Plus he had 2 ginger companions. Maybe write an article about a show you've actually watched for more than one season thanks.

Michael June 07, 2013 | 7:52 PM

The Doctor is a man. Trying to twist a part in a TV show that is already set as a white male, to fit a different gender or skin color is a sign of bigotry. These people don't care about the show, but want to make Doctor Who a politicial device. Try and make a movie with Martin Lurther King, Jr. as a white female and you would have riots. The Doctor may be fictious, but there is no reason apart from being bigoted, to change his established nature.

Barry June 07, 2013 | 6:08 PM

EVY!!! We’ve been telling Evanna that she would be a great companion, but as the Doctor? I like it. Evy is very smart and would take to the roll well. Currently she is studying up on Harry Houdini as she is playing Bess in a new high level stage play premiering in September.

Jen June 07, 2013 | 3:37 PM

So many people misunderstand the ginger thing: the Doctor wants to be ginger. When he regenerated last time and said, "Still not ginger!" he was mad that he wasn't ginger. After 9 regenerated into 10 he made a joke about being disappointed to not be ginger. He loves gingers or he wouldn't be friends with so many of them.

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