Dina Bails On $4k Tab After New York Party

Dina Lohan was just put on blast for her alleged failure to pay a $4,000 bar tab — and the restaurant claims Lohan won't even respond to their calls.

Dina Lohan at New York charity event.

Ah, to be rich and famous. Or simply ride the money train wave created by your troubled celebrity daughter. That would be Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay Lohan, and it looks like Dina's been a very bad socialite. Dina Lohan was just put on blast for her alleged failure to pay a $4,000 bar tab — and the restaurant claims Lohan won't even respond to their calls.

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Dina Lohan reportedly stopped by a Hamptons event on July 21, 2012, held at the Andrra Waterside Restaurant in East Hampton, New York, for a little summer relaxation. The event — aptly titled "Ferraris, Fireworks, Food and Fun!" — was hosted by Ferrari Maserati of Long Island and Hamptons Magazine and several prominent guests were in attendance.

While at the party, Dina Lohan reportedly indulged in several rounds of alcohol and bought many partygoers drinks — to the small sum of $2,500. And perhaps in a seemingly intoxicated state, Lohan also pledged $1,500 to a New York charity. Yet the restaurants says Dina skipped out on her $4,000 tab and, despite their repeated attempts to resolve the balance, Lohan just ignores them.

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TMZ spoke with Edmond Chakmakian, the lawyer for Andrra Waterside Restaurants, who explains Dina Lohan will now face a lawsuit from his client. "She feels very privileged and entitled because of who her daughter is. She acted like she was doing them a favor by showing up."

Even one of the charity event attendees noticed Dina Lohan's obnoxious behavior. A blogger for Haute Nightlife who covered the event wrote that he spotted Lindsay's mom at the party and she was a hot mess.

"Dina Lohan corners my photog in the bathroom and tells her how pretty she is. Page 6 reported a couple day's later she skipped out on a $2,500 bill. Her publicist denies it, but does her family's name really have any credibility anymore?"

Celebrity Net Worth shows Dina Lohan's financial status may be a bit tight for the Hamptons — they report Lohan is actually over $1 million in debt.

No word yet from Dina's camp regarding the $4,000 restaurant tab.

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Comments on "Dina Lohan: Hot mess in the Hamptons, skips out on $4K tab"

LRL June 06, 2013 | 2:16 PM

When this story first came out last year her brother Paul explained it had nothing to do with Dina. I understand people may not like Dina but this story should be directed at her brother Paul, not Dina: “This is a total lie. My written and verbal agreement with Rich Silver was to comp dinner for 8 to 10 guests, six people ate. There was not to be any bill. Then you get a bill for $2,500? Dina was strictly invited as a guest and had nothing to do with paying anything. This is totally false. There is no bill to pay. I paid $500 for drinks, and I will wire a tip tomorrow,” Sullivan said.

Leah Jacobs June 05, 2013 | 9:58 AM

I think Dina Lohan needs to think twice before she does anything because clearly she makes bad judgment calls.

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