"I'll Be Back!" Tweets SVU Actress Hargitay

Law and Order: SVU viewers can breathe a huge sigh of relief this weekend. Det. Benson will be back!

Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order: SVU

The season finale of Law and Order: SVU's Season 14 was a real cliff-hanger. We last saw Mariska Hargitay's character, Detective Olivia Benson, held at gunpoint by a serial rapist inside her own home. At the time, no one knew for sure whether Hargitay/Benson would return.

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In mid-April, when NBC officially picked up Law and Order: SVU for Season 15, Hargitay and the showrunners were still in talks over her contract. Hence the open-ended finale. It sounds like the two teams reached an agreement, though!

Over the weekend, Hargitay tweeted the news to her more than 272,000 followers: "Happy weekend. It's official. Season 15--I'LL BE BACK! xx m."

And fans, of course, rejoiced. Her announcement was retweeted 1,564 times, including once by her supposed BFF, Smash and Will and Grace's Debra Messing.

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There's still no official word on how exactly Hargitay's character will return. Will the show pick up right where it left off or a few months down the road? What will be the outcome of Benson's time in captivity? Will she fall victim to the rapist's urges? Will she deal with any leftover consequences, like post-traumatic stress disorder? After years of helping other "special victims" seek justice for the crimes committed against them, what will it be like for Benson to step into their shoes? While we never want our favorite characters to be on the receiving end of horrific crimes, we also relish the idea of experiencing the interesting storyline that might follow such an event.

Of course, we have plenty of time to hope and speculate. SVU usually doesn't start back up until mid- to late September. Do you think you can hold out that long?

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Comments on "Law & Order: SVU 's Mariska Hargitay will return"

Ameena Begum September 20, 2013 | 1:33 PM

i cant wait to watch Law and order SVU!!! i hope that Olivia benson shoots him. and then she somehow escapes from there. i hope she does not get raped by him. And then ends up being pregnant. i know for sure she is going to be a different person.

Jean August 11, 2013 | 7:11 PM

I really hope that Olivia beats the crap out of him when she gets the chance.

Emily August 02, 2013 | 3:15 PM

I think the premier is going to open where it ended. William Lewis will say, "Welcome home detective Benson." He'll grab her again, then we'll see where it goes from there. I also think Olivia will experience some flashbacks from season 9 and 11. Season 9 when she had that break in, season 9 again when she was almost assaulted. Season 11 break in again, I think she's going to fight back and if she kills Lewis it'll be self-defense. From what I've seen she's had three breaks in but there could have been more, I also think she could end up moving into a different apartment too. I'm excited Mariska will be returning if she were to leave the show it wouldn't be worth watching anymore. I can't wait until the premier. I hope it will be good and intense, I just can't bare knowing that the only people who know what happened in the first episode of the next season are the actors, the crew people, the producers the writers and the director. I think SVU needs to come back a lot sooner than September. I just hope what I think about the episode and how I think it will play out is accurate.

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