Just Friends?

Katie Holmes and her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby grab dinner after the day's filming. Are they more than just friends?

Katie Holmes has had a few setbacks in the past year — between her divorce and a play that didn't do Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby film a scene for Mania Daysnearly as well as she hoped, the actress has had lot to overcome. But overcome it she has and these days, Holmes is jumping into a whole new life.

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She's taken roles in a number of films and is currently working on a project called Mania Days. In the film, Holmes co-stars with Luke Kirby, and according to the latest photos and rumors that have popped up on numerous sites in the past few hours, it's possible the two might be more than just co-workers.

In the pictures, Holmes and Kirby are seen looking quite cozy as they leave a restaurant after having dinner together following a day on set. The scenes they shot that day showed the two frolicking in a water fountain in Washington Square Park in New York.

Kirby married wife Alison Elliott last year, so it's quite possible that the dinner could simply be just two friends and co-workers getting together after a long day of shooting. But there's also a chance that it could be more than that.

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Holmes did say a few months back that she was ready to move on with her life and start dating again, but could she really be thinking of diving into that pool with a married costar? She certainly wouldn't be the first woman to hook up with a married man or the first celebrity to hook up with a costar on a film, but that would be one complicated way to get back into the dating game.

What do you think? Are Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby dating or was their night out together just a shared meal between costars?

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Comments on "Are Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby dating?"

Michelle Carlbert June 03, 2013 | 4:49 PM

Interesting how no one is mentioning that Kirby is married. Thanks for the heads-up, we're fixing the info in the article now.

Judy June 02, 2013 | 5:18 PM

luke kirby got married in 2012. if it's wrong, google should correct the information quickly.

Amanda Faith May 25, 2013 | 3:32 PM

If they are more than friends, it is great. Time to move on and find love and happiness. Life is short for dwelling on sadness. Do not worry what people think. Just be happy Katie! Everyone deserve to enjoy life to the fullest.

Leyla May 24, 2013 | 1:22 AM

isn't Luke Kirby married to Alison Elliot?

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