The Strange Mating Behaviors Of Snails

SheKnows made an epic journey to New York City to sit down with the cast of the beautiful new animated film Epic in 3D. Find out what Amanda Seyfried and Colin Farrell have to say about magical creatures and watch funnymen Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd wax comedic about the mating rituals of snails and slugs. Oh, yeah!

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Epic in 3D

Colin Farrell plays Ronin, the leader of the grasshopper-sized "Leafmen." Since Colin normally stars in edgier films, like Seven Psychopaths, we asked why he chose do to a kids' movie.

"Opportunity, really. I met with Chris Wedge, the director, and the team that he works with and saw the illustrations and previewed stuff they were planning to do with this world and how they were creating it, and it was just beautiful. So I just jumped at the opportunity. It was something different... I'm the father of two beautiful boys, so I thought, maybe I'll do something they can see," Colin told us.

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