Steve Nash & Alejandra Battle Over Their 3 Kids

Steve Nash's child support battle is heating up. There's a reason he's allegedly fighting to pay the amount his ex wants — but is it a good one?

Steve Nash

Steve Nash's reason for dragging his feet on child support payments is one we're not used to hearing. Take a gander at what the basketball star has to say, and judge for yourself if he's got reasonable ground to stand on!

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Alejandra Nash has taken her ex-husband, Steve Nash, to court to appeal a judge's 2010 decision not to grant her child support. Despite getting millions in their divorce settlement and continuing to make a reported $30,000 per month, she believes the baller should have to pay even more than he does in their current arrangement.

Reports state the 39-year-old, seen here in early March with Matteo on his hip, currently pays 90 percent of school, hobbies and medical expenses, as well as 82 percent of his kids' nanny's $2,000 monthly salary.

At some point it seems he began to wonder: How much more could three kids really need?

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Despite making a fine living herself, brunette beauty Alejandra is quick to point out her ex pulls in an entire million more than she does every month.

At the heart of Steve Nash's argument against paying more child support is not that he can't afford it, but simply that he doesn't want to pay more because he's worried his kids will end up spoiled. Reports from TMZ claim he fears Alejandra is an "excessive spender," who will spoil and damage 8-year-old twins Lola and Bella and 2-year-old Matteo with luxuries.

She's also working on relocating the family away from Arizona, where she was not awarded any child support, to Los Angeles — a move the Lakers star has objected to.

What do you think of Steve Nash's child support stance?

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Comments on "Steve Nash's child support stance: a good reason not to pay?"

Robert Thomas August 12, 2013 | 7:32 AM

Child support laws need to be abolished. It is actually encouraging people to get divorce. You can see here that the mother want to enjoy her life and leave all financial burden to the father. It is time that we need to unite and ask congress to change this law, then divorce rates will be low.

Joe July 25, 2013 | 1:38 PM

Bullets are only about one-dollar each. That is what I would spend on this gold-digging POS -----.

Maxine June 21, 2013 | 9:06 PM

I stand corrected not $3,000.00 per month BUT $30,000 and a paid Nanny? This chick want the paid for wild life. NO MOTHER THERE!!!SAD she has the Children at all!!!!

Maxine June 21, 2013 | 9:04 PM

Give Custody to Steve. Wife uses a Nanny, so can DAD. She wants fame, not looking out for the welfare of her Children. I am sure it is the glamorous life that she blew, could not be a good Mother, and wanted the wild life. Send her back to Peru and let her visit the Children. Wonder how often she would???? Children need stability, that is why Steve took less money and move with the Lakers and not the New York Knicks. Now I am a Laker Fan!!!! NASH has CLASS!!!!

Maxine June 21, 2013 | 8:55 PM

Using the "Child Support" as an excuse? This Woman (not lady) is pulling in $3.000.00 per month plus $2,000.00 per month for a Nanny to care for the Children. My thoughts, she is Pissed that she no longer has the easy access to other Stars. Let her get a job, she has a Nanny. If Child Support then NO $3,000.00 per month and NO $2,000.00 per month for a Nanny. Let her stay home and take care of her Children. Do we know YET if the last child is even Steve Nash's child?? Nash is paying his EX more than what she would get if just Child Support. Owner of 3 expensive cars? Well she might find that she needs to support herself and let an adviser handled the Children's child Support. She deserve NOT ONE DIME for her self, she can work. She is no princess, so let her earn her on keep. A Nanny????who does she think she is??? She lost her clout as the wife of an NBA Star. Sitting at home bringing in big bucks has gotten old, no one to slip around and have an affair. Get a JOB!!! I say she is tired of being a mommy and Steve knows not she has never been a Mother. Looks out for herself ONLY!!! Child Support???IF so put it all in a trust so that she cannot touch one penny!!!!!

Michelle June 08, 2013 | 1:44 PM

CA exacts a % for child support: 50% of income if the dad is married; 55% if the dad is re-married and owes arrears; 60% if the dad is single; 65% if the dad is SINGLE and has arrears and this allows for the single mother to be a deadbeat and not contribute. The courts allow for the mother to be a deadbeat. There are no Draconian tactics to force a mother to provide for her child as they do for the father.

Canuckgal June 03, 2013 | 6:23 AM

He doesn't need to pay anymore, he has it covered. Really how much do wee children need? The Ex has a great arrangement. As for her moving, she moves, she gets nothing, and the children would only receive the child support, as everything else would be on her, and her alone. She should zip it. Leave it at that. greedy people.. in response to "georgiegirl" yes under other circumstances,yes people need to pay child support.(dead beat dads, etc) He's paying this broad way too much, and really the nanny, why does she need one? Three kids, big deal. perhaps he should take custody, solely, get a nanny at 2000 a month to live-in. Then the child support isn't needed,to be doled out.

Caligula May 25, 2013 | 9:16 AM

What was Alejandra bringing in the relationship? If she has a nanny to help her with the kids and she doesn't work or have a trade :NOTHING.A good parent cannot spend that kind of money on the kid daily $30000/30days =$1,000.00.Do those kids eat cereal ,eggo ,milk ,egg et cetera for $300.00 The McDonald ,Wendy kigds meal for another $300.00 for Lunch and caviar at night?

Realist May 24, 2013 | 10:08 PM

Hey georgiegirl: Are you a legitimate idiot or just a scorned ex? He already paid her millions after just 5 years of marriage, 30000K a month,(not a year), as well as the nanny and healtcare costs! She needs to get a job herself and stop trying to control the rest of his life by limiting his income and the opportunity of moving on with his life. I'm sure she isn't having a problem doing so!!!! Professional Athletes are only capable of getting paid to play their sport for a few years before being forced into retirement due to age and wear and tear on the body. They do NOT get a pension or 401K type of post retirement income. What they earn now is what the stay with forever! Unless they obtain another job after, and even if that is the case, it is not to be taken into consideration for support--especially since their marriage was only FIVE hears.............

Kathy Carlson May 24, 2013 | 10:39 AM

They need to sit down with a financial expert, find out what these kids NEED. Housing should be equal to dad's. They put the rest of what the advisor suggests in a trust fund executed by a trusted party other than family. The article didn't say if the new one (Mateo)was DNA tested.

CJ May 24, 2013 | 10:09 AM

Are you kidding me? How much more money does this woman need? She already has a fortune and those kids are probably better provided for than many third-world countries! If they were suffering, that would be different. A professional athlete only has so many years to make a living and then after retirement must live on what has been earned. I'm sure Steve will have no problem doing so but I'm now not at all surprised they're divorced, given her greedy and selfish nature.

georgiegirl May 01, 2013 | 1:37 PM

He needs to pay child support, which is separate from providing healthcare or paying for the nanny. I have to say that it's the first time I've heard his excuse for not paying (doesn't want to spoil the kids). If it makes him feel better, a percentage of child support can go to into a trust for the kids. There is never a good reason not to pay child support.

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