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Celebrities who are starting to look alike

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Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

If Stephen Colbert ever needs a stand-in on The Colbert Report, perhaps he should give Bob Saget a call. These days, the two could pass for twins — and they aren't the only stars starting to blur. Apparently, celebrity doppelgangers are plentiful!

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron and Scott Disick

Oy vey! While checking out some photos online, we had a hard time telling Zac Efron from Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott Disick. They've both been sporting spotty facial hair and have a penchant for flannel shirts and Wayfarer shades. But, still... even at his scruffiest, Zac is pretty tasty. If Scott can be confused for him, does that mean Lord Disick is covertly hot?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Please, oh please, let Katy Perry make a New Girl cameo — write her in as Jess' quirky first cousin or estranged sister. With her big blue eyes, blunt-banged black hair and sweet smile, she'd have no problem convincing audiences she was related to Zooey Deschanel.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Leonardo DiCaprio and Eric Dane

Leonardo DiCaprio is aging mighty well, mighty well indeed. So well, in fact, that he's starting to morph into McSteamy Eric Dane! Leo's come a long way from his days as Johnny Depp's scrawny little brother in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, for sure. Like Eric, the Great Gatsby actor smolders on-screen now.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment

We're willing to wager that Disney sweetheart Emily Osment doesn't mind comparisons to country queen Carrie Underwood one bit. In addition to their impressive pipes, these two songbirds share a strong chin, high cheekbones and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler

What do Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler have in common? A lot, from the looks of it! Aside from their striking physical similarities, the blonde beauties are both funny as hell. Let us go on the record as saying that if these two make a movie together, we'll be first in line!

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Seth MacFarlane and Christopher Knight

Hmm. Seth MacFarlane is one of those guys we've been harboring a secret crush on for years. Christopher Knight? Not so much. But that doesn't change the fact that our favorite funnyman is certainly starting to favor the aging Peter Brady. If Seth starts courting Adrianne Curry, we'll know this is all part of some strange government conspiracy to blow our minds.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Ashley Greene and Coco Rocha

Twilight star Ashley Greene is fast becoming a fashion darling, so maybe that's part of the reason she is starting to look like fashion "It girl" and The Face star, Coco Rocha. Or, you know, it could also be due to their chiseled features and flawless skin.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget

One is a comedian/actor/TV host who slays us with his sarcastic breed of humor. The other? A comedian/actor/TV host who once played Danny Tanner in one of our favorite '90s sitcoms ev-er, Full House. Since Bob Saget, the latter, now does stand-up comedy that would make all of his former co-stars blush, he could probably fill Stephen Colbert's shoes if Stephen ever needed a day off from The Colbert Show.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Naomi Watts and Claire Danes

Naomi Watts has been lauded as an actress with one of the most expressive faces in Hollywood, which should make Claire Danes happy — she looks more and more like the emotive actress every day! Of course, having Claire for a doppelgänger should please Naomi as well, as the Homeland star has nabbed a slew of awards lately for her impeccable acting.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Zac Efron = Scott Disick?Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman

Uh, could these two be any prettier? Matching pillowy lips, striking bone structure and mesmerizing gazes, no less! We demand a re-do... it seems unfair for one woman this smart and beautiful to exist, so two should be out of the question!

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Jimmy Fallon and Ed Westwick

It looks like The Tonight Show's new host has a doppelgänger in Romeo and Juliet star Ed Westwick! And who would've thought, huh? Funny Fallon and former Gossip Girl lothario Westwick seem like wildly different dudes. We're guessing their similarities end on the surface, but if Fallon starts sporting questionably low-cut V-necks as Westwick is wont to do, we'll know they're secret siblings.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Bradley Cooper and Ralph Fiennes

We're just not sure how to feel about this one. Yeah, Ralph Fiennes is a pretty handsome guy. But Bradley Cooper, well, he's the smoking hot guy of our dreams. If we close our eyes and try to fantasize about Fiennes, all we see is Lord Voldemort — not exactly a libido booster.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Kim Kardashian and Melissa Molinaro

In addition to their striking physical similarities — yep, including the booty! — Kim Kardashian and Melissa Molinaro have something else in common: These buxom babes both rose to fame via reality TV. We all know Kimmie from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Molinaro caught everyone's attention when she auditioned to be part of Danity Kane in MTV's Making the Band 3.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Russell Crowe and Ben McKenzie

Perhaps when the powers-that-be cast Russell Crowe as Noah in this year's big-budget adaptation of the Old Testament, they should have considered Southland star Ben McKenzie as one of Noah's sons. Heads up, McKenzie — odds are looking favorable that you'll be a ruggedly good looking older guy.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Emma Stone and Melinda Clarke

Wowza! The resemblance between Emma Stone and Nikita actress (and OC alum like Ben McKenzie) is uncanny. And it's not just the red hair, either. These gorgeous gals have matching bone structure, piercing eyes and winning smiles.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Three words: cute, cute, cute. OK, fine... that was one word three times. But when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, the repetition seemed fitting since these adorable actors have us seeing double. Cast them as brothers in a movie, and we are there. Front row, baby.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

Seriously, these are two entirely different people. Hard to believe, right? But fresh-faced Nina Dobrev, who stars in The Vampire Diaries, actually has five years on 20-year-old Victoria Justice, best known for her former role in the Nickelodeon series Victorious.

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

C'mon — slap a little makeup and some highlights on the Biebs, and he and Miley Cyrus would totally be twinsies! We would've loved to use a mugshot for Miles to match Bieber's photo but, alas, twerking and profoundly bad judgement aren't crimes... yet.

Woody Harrelson and Tyler Hubbard

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Zac Efron = Scott Disick?

Is it the prominent cheekbones? The crooked smirk? The big ol' baby blues? Whatever it is, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard could be Woody Harrelson's double. Perhaps it's time for The Hunger Games story line to include a secret twin brother for Haymitch Abernathy....

Images, L to R, courtesy of: Ivan Nikolov/, Michael Wright/ (1st row);, B. Dowling/ (2nd row); Ian Wilson/, Nikki Nelson/ (3rd row); FayesVision/, C.M. Wiggins/ (4th row); FayesVision/, FayesVision/ (5th row); Daniel Tanner/, Joseph Marzullo/ (6th row);, Andres Otera/ (7th row); PNP/, Ivan Nikolov/ (8th row); Apega/, Brian To/ (9th row); FayesVision/, (10th row); PNP/, PNP/ (11th row); PBI/, (12th row); Nikki Nelson/, (13th row); Dan Jackman/, (14th row); C.Smith/, Katherine Christine/ (15th row); Adriana M. Barraza/, Nikki Nelson/ (16th row); Adriana M. Barraza/, Adriana M. Barraza/ (17th row);, Judy Eddy/ (18th row); Ivan Nikolov/ Cowart (19th row).
Zac Efron = Scott Disick?
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