The Butler Boycott

A veterans group is threatening to boycott Jane Fonda's new movie because of something that happened decades ago, but the actress says all publicity is good publicity.

Jane Fonda

Seven-time Oscar nominee Jane Fonda is telling a group of veterans to "get a life" after threatening to boycott her new movie.

The actress plays Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels' upcoming flick The Butler, which tells the story of White House butler Eugene Allen who served under eight presidents.

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Now a Facebook group called Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan is calling for — you guessed it — a boycott of the film based on Fonda's anti-American stance during the Vietnam War. "The moviemakers are free to choose, but it seems like it was their way of giving people like me the middle finger," says Larry Reyes, a Navy veteran and founder of the page.

Fonda had a very succinct response when told of the controversy: "Get a life."

"If he creates hoopla, it will cause more people to see the movie," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I might not have always agreed with Nancy Reagan, but I admire her, and I'd never try to insert my views when playing her," says Fonda. "I tried to be who she was: a forceful, loyal, powerful first lady."

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She did, however, have a portion of the script changed because she felt it made Reagan look "too mean."

The actress is used to pushback on her career since her "Hanoi Jane" days.

"I figured it would tweak the right. Who cares?" she said. "I was very happy to hear that [Reagan] was pleased that I was playing her. Which shows how smart she is. She’s smarter than all those extreme right-wingers who are angry that I’m playing a woman whose politics are different than mine. Come on, it’s a movie!”

The Butler is set for release in October 2013.

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Comments on "Jane Fonda tells vets: "Get a life!""

THERESA August 27, 2013 | 12:01 PM

Some of those vets do not have a life - because they sacrificed them in service to their country lady. You think you are so superior to everyone because you have always had money and a famous family. You have no knowledge of God, country or what sacrifice for family is. So pathetic. You are a traitor and always will be. I know what you did.

Ivory Jones August 18, 2013 | 11:31 AM

Jane made a mistake when she was young. She knows that now. Perhaps what she refuses to accept is that while she was hobnobbing & doing a publicity shoot in Hanoi our soldiers were being starved, tortured & murdered. I will never forget that & sometimes I wonder if, even now, she understands how deeply betrayed those men must have felt. She should have been at the White House protesting our involvement in an illegal & immoral invasion of a foreign country. I understand why this never goes away & she will have to continue to apologize for doing the wrong thing. We, because of the sacrifice of others, have the right to express our opinions & boycott her work if we wish.

mandy August 15, 2013 | 2:47 PM

Will go see no movie this woman is in, or support her in any way. Would gladly spit on her grave. TNTC family members and friends in the military!

lori August 15, 2013 | 2:18 PM

She should have been tried for treason. She directly caused pain and suffering to prisoners being held at the "Hanoi Hilton". I have a life ... and in my life I do not buy or support anything that Jane Fonda is connected with.

Lois June 18, 2013 | 1:34 PM

What she did was unforgivable and unforgettable! I had uncles and cousins who served in that war. Not because they wanted to but because they were called to duty by the United States to serve. Any person who put them in harm's way, as she did, will never have my family's support at anything she is associated with. Just because she is a celebrity does not excuse her despicable actions.

al June 08, 2013 | 3:30 PM

yeah be nice if the three POW's that got beat to death for trying to get word out by handing you a small note telling you what was really going could "get a life", you know jane the little pieces of papers that you held up and told the prison guards what they handed to you? only movie I will watch of hers is one showing a bus hitting her in real life!

Russell Dee April 17, 2013 | 9:22 PM

It's been an interesting week for me to read about the stuff that Jane Fonda said and did back in the early 1970s since I was a kid in the 1960s and 1970s. I've always liked Jane Fonda, and still do. I would say that almost all of the stuff she said and did was reasonable enough to categorize as typical anti-war protest stuff. Some will argue this because she went to Nam but a lot of the other protesters would have too except they didn't have the same financial resources or time that Jane Fonda had. Since she was a leader of the anti-war movement, and leaders introduce new concepts within any cause, a few times she introduced some concepts that I wish she would have avoided, she has since publicly stated that she wishes she hadn't said/done those things, and she's apologized for them. Back in the 1970's After a couple things she said/did I kind of cringed and thought to myself, "uh oh, this isn't going to sit well the war hawks." I had no idea the war hawks would drag this defaming-water-torture against Jane Fonda for so long and to such an ugly degree. I simply can not wrap my head around this level and duration of hatred. 1. For certain the worse stuff she has been accused of did not really even happen. She never got any POW's hurt or killed. She never got any of the soldiers hurt or killed. 2. 99% of what she did was badmouth the war. 3. There are a few things that APPEAR to go beyond simply badmouthing the war but she has her side of the story in those cases and I think her side of the story is at least as likely correct as the stuff her critics are saying. For example, her critics say that she seated herself on an artillery weapon in an effort to symbolically, or actually, threaten American soldiers, but she says that she was steered to that seat by other people after a sing-along when she was still focusing on the song and thinking about the song rather than thinking about where she was being steered to. Her side of the story sounds more like real life than that she was allowing herself to be photographed sitting on an artillery weapon to threaten American soldiers. She alleges that there were not even any American planes overhead and if she wasn't being truthful about that then her critics would be screaming about how there were planes in the sky overhead and they would make an issue of her saying something that is not true. I'm absolutely convinced that there were no American planes overhead when she sat in that seat. 4. The early 1970s were a different time. A lot of people were powerfully anti-war and Jane Fonda was one of the leaders of that movement. They believed that the war was wrong and they deplored the loss of life and human suffering. And equally important, a lot of the places she spoke were college campuses, back then there was a military draft, and the crowds she spoke to at college campuses were people who did not want to be drafted to go to a war that they did not believe in, approve of, or think was necessary. Jane Fonda was talking to those people and trying to work with their concerns. Today, there is no draft, military service is entirely voluntary, and so the people today really can not relate to how the students who could be drafted felt back in the 1970s. In the other words, the American audience that the extreme right is playing to today is different than it was back in the 1970s. Today people might not understand why college kids did not support the Viet Nam War but if there was a draft today they would understand exactly how those college kids felt back in the 1970s and they would understand why Jane Fonda, or someone, should have been addressing those kids concerns.

Teresa April 13, 2013 | 10:40 AM

"Get a life" - really? Thanks to those that serve, past and present, you are able to voice your traitorous thoughts/feelings! You have never shown, nor expressed, any respect/gratitude/remorse for what the foolish politics you supported. I have not, and will not, buy or support anything you are involved in - if it's free. You are a disgrace to the USA, and because of some sense of entitlement, you continue to flaunt yourself and your wasteful life. Go back into hiding, marry some idiot that doesn't care about your history, and stay there!

Rosemary Gannone April 13, 2013 | 6:47 AM

I have boycotted her movies for years. I lived through that war, saw my friends come home from it different people. She should have been tried for treason and if she wasn't a Hollywood celeb and her father didn't have friends in high places, she would have been. What has she done to be forgiven?

Mr Brian Moore April 12, 2013 | 12:58 PM

Miss Fonda I am a British ex veteran. I have lots of freinds in the US Marine Corp. You are not the most popular person and if you were British you would be tried for treason. How dare you tell those American Veterans to get a life. Miss Fonda if you ever visit the UK I can assuire you the UK Veterans will demonstrate against you comeing here you are a traitor B.Moore

chuck April 12, 2013 | 10:31 AM

No doubt she still has loyalty to the U.S.A.!!She will forever be the same Hanoi Jane til they throw the last heap of dirt on her face.

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