A Mirror Into His Soul

Justin Timberlake brought forth both his admiration for his grandparents and his slick dance moves for the music video "Mirrors."

Justin Timberlake's hiatus was a tragic waiting period for fans everywhere. But when he came back Justin Timberlakewith "Suit & Tie" — a single that I must admit had to grow on me before I was singing along — I had no idea he would come back with such a vengeance. Perhaps it's the Jay-Z affiliation, or the Kanye West jab, but he was charming his way back into my good graces.

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And then he released the video for "Mirrors."

He blew in like a hurricane, and that aforementioned "waiting period" was just the eye of the storm. He's back with a more mature look, and a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to his grandparents.

Justin wanted to honor his grandparents' love. They were married for 63 years, and their names adorn the opening credits. The video is a short film revolving around a couple who met back in the day, and as time progresses, so does the good and the bad. In between the smiles and the laughs you see tears and pain. The couple is so intertwined that the symbolism leads us to believe they end up mirroring each other in old age.

The most striking scene occurs when the old woman takes off her wedding ring, signifying what I presume to be the death of her husband. She drops it and Justin catches it. This then prompts a dance set and a contemplative Timberlake grappling with what the song means to him. It's epic, it's tragic, and it's absolutely 100 percent art.

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He sets the bar high and leaves you feeling low, especially if you haven't found a love like that yet. His grandparents make you envious of how their love overflowed for one another, and he makes you jealous of him for having grandparents like that.

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The video was directed by Floria Sigismondi, and it's one you cannot miss. Check it out below and leave a comment on how it affected you!

Photo courtesy of Brian To/WENN.com

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Comments on "Editor's video pick: Justin Timberlake "Mirrors""

digitbulb June 23, 2013 | 1:45 AM

Does anyone know where I can find the cast for JT's music video? Thx :)

Cortney May 22, 2013 | 3:03 PM

I really do got to say this is the best song by him. There is just so much heart and soul put into it. It makes me think of my aunt that pasted.I start to sing the song then i start to cry i really do love this sing. I wish there was more artiest out there that make songs with meaning. Justin did a wonderful job on this song. I get misty eyes and a warm heart each time i hear it.

Shannon March 28, 2013 | 6:46 AM

Although I am enjoying all the songs on this album, "Mirrors" is by far the one that brings out the most emotion in me. I start out singing with him, then my eyes start tearing up and I just stop singing and listen. There's so much love in the words that it gets down in your soul and ignites so much emotion til you can't help but cry a little bit. This is his best song yet. You know a song is powerful when you hear it in your head and sing it out loud even when you're not playing it on any of your devices. Amazing song...amazing video. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

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