Celebrity match-ups

Little of this + little of that

These kids belong together! Even if their characters aren't on the same shows, networks or centuries as one another.

After years of watching our favorite characters end up constantly lonely and miserable or with someone they don't want or deserve, we've decided to do a little cross-network pairing of some of our favorite leading ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for some brand-new power couples!


Damon and Quinn

The Vampire Diaries meets Glee

1 Damon (Vampire Diaries) and Quinn (Glee)

Since Elena refuses to pick a Salvatore brother, we decided to pick one for her. She can have Stefan, because Damon deserves someone with a little more "oomph." Quinn is perfect for Damon because she's got that same snarky, biting humor. We imagine their dinner table conversations would be full of snickers and require lots of aloe for that "burn." Plus, they're both hot! Just imagine the babies — it'll be like Twilight: The Musical!

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