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Gina may have had a rough few days on the show, but it all pays off in this week's episode "Tough Love," where everyone raced to not only lose weight, but also win a special surprise.

I am a contestant on a show, as some of you know, called The Biggest Loser. The big story, however, is that there is an even bigger show I'm a part of — the show of life! We are all contestants! So that being cleared up, how are you going to play the game? Are you sitting on the sidelines of your life or are you stepping out of the box and pushing your game? Well, I am 47 years old and can tell you that it is never too late to change your game.

Gina McDonald, The Biggest Loser

I stepped out of my comfortable box right into Bob Harper's box, and my life has been changed forever. Yes, most days I was kicking and screaming and crying. (Yes, people, I am the crier.) I was not crying because of the box or the work, but because of deep emotional issues that were preventing me from living up to my potential in the game of life.

In this week's episode, we go to individuals, a goal I had set for myself from the beginning. "Hot damn!" I tell Alison Sweeney. Talk about a hot mess! Now I am really stepping out of my box... into all three trainers' boxes.

Before we get to the last-chance workout and another epic Gina meltdown, let's celebrate the love that superstar Danni showed to both Mike and me.

You have nothing to worry about except
the stuff you create
in your head!

The challenge this week was to race to a moving spotlight. The last man — lady in this case — standing wins not only a 24-hour visit from a loved one, but also a 24-hour visit to give away. Danni certainly spread the love by giving both prizes away!

Getting to spend time on the ranch with my amazing husband was just the medicine I needed to get me to the finish line. Plus, I can actually wear my wedding ring now; that feels amazing! Little did I know my inner self had some more things to sort out in order for me to really reach the finish line.

You see, throughout this journey and throughout my life I have struggled with fear and worry. As our last-chance workout begins, I am overcome with fear and doubt. I want to believe I can do this; I'm doing this! I am the biggest loser on the ranch — and the oldest. But those old feelings resurface again. Dolvett tells me, "You have nothing to worry about except the stuff you create in your head!" His words encourage and inspire me, and I go on to lose another nine pounds, proving that hard work, sweat and, yes, even tears can get the job done. I am still the biggest loser on the ranch, with my weight now at 184 pounds.

I encourage you to stay tuned and see how this story, my story, and the stories of my fellow contestants play out. You never know, our stories might just be similar to yours.

Until next week, I remain... #teamgina #bl14 #team purple #hotmess #livelifeoutloud

Check back next week for more blogs from Gina!

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Comments on "Biggest Loser 's Gina McDonald steps out of her comfort zone"

Cher February 18, 2013 | 7:52 PM

The contestants whining and playing the victim is on my last nerve. This season has the worst whining babies out of all the seasons. Each of these contestants need to appreciate what the trainers and show can offer. Gina is the biggest cry baby of all...go home!! You're setting such a great example for your kids.

Trish February 18, 2013 | 6:34 PM

Damn woman! Man up. The whole freaking world is watching you take this opportunity and blow it with your whining and complaining! You somehow manipulate the trainers into holding your hand constantly and getting one on one attention that you don't deserve! I'm tired of your crying and moaning. Those kids have more on the ball than you do. Get with the program or go the freak home. Frankly, you're already the biggest loser I've ever seen!

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