A Renaissance Man

Josh Groban has pleased the masses with his one-of-a-kind musical prowess. He's been able to merge different genres of music, and now he returns with a new single that has fans ablaze with excitement.

Josh GrobanIf it isn't broke, don't fix it

Josh Groban has a voice unlike anyone. "You Raise Me Up" is unrivaled, and it's fair to assume it will remain that way forevermore. He's back with a new single, "Brave" — and it's not quite that intense, but it brings back a quality of Josh's voice we're familiar with — majesticness.

Same voice, updated sound

"We wanted the song to have an intensity and an urgency, even if they're in more of a traditional style vocally," Groban told Billboard recently. "The goal was to try and bridge those two worlds."

His voice sounds the same, but the upbeat music that meshes up against it isn't something necessarily older fans are used to. At times it feels forced, but his disarming vocal ability seems to compensate.

It takes some getting used to, but his voice is the essence of inspiration — with a storytelling ability that is peculiarly gentle. Smooth — his voice pours into the music initially, but then explodes at the pivotal pickup and continues to layer, and you begin wondering whether his voice is superhuman. The drums lend an anthem-vibe — perhaps it could be used for the next breakthrough Disney movie?

The track was co-written by Tawgs Salter and singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk (singer of the famed cover of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" featured in the movie Armageddon), according to Billboard as well.


Groban will debut his sixth album on Feb. 5. "Brave" is the headlining single off the album titled, "All That Echoes." His talent has been a landmark in music history, where an artist can have dimension and range to go from singing opera to pop. He has an appeal that you can't help but love. Here is the video, let us know what you think! Does he pleasantly surprise or gravely disappoint?

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Comments on "Music review: Josh Groban "Brave""

lois February 17, 2013 | 9:11 AM

Josh's music continues to take my breath away! I have been a fan since ally mcbeal. Its awesome to see his music evolve and become more personal for him. Way to go josh! I love the new album!

Mary Finlay January 30, 2013 | 7:33 AM

Josh Groban never disappoints...his music and his voice are so diverse, he can sing anything and make it his own....just listen to All That Echoes and u can hear that for urself :)

Sierra Lita January 29, 2013 | 4:29 PM

Brave is an amazing and uplifting song! Love it and the video too

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